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A new blog to me, indexed presents Venn diagrams of interesting thoughts. Hilarious!
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From Crossing the Rubicon, a link to an unusual and strangely amusing form of self portraiture, blogged by a guy who seems to get around:

The rules are simple: I put the self-timer on 2 seconds, push the button and try to get as far from the camera as I can.
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Today's blog is The Happy Feminist. Active arguments in the comments sections are often interesting.
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Parent Hacks is mostly aimed at the parents of young children (say, under 6), but I still get some enjoyment out of it, and occasionally post my parenting tips in the comments.
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Feminist Mormon Housewives discusses issues of faith and practice, feminism, parenting, marriage/relatioonships, and has an occasional book club discussion.
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I love The Common Room for its poetry, its news round-ups, the stories about the kids, the discussions of home schooling (how and why), and the recipes.
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Some zoos have animal cams; here are the ones I know about.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has quite a few; my favorites are the peguincam and the ottercam. Other cams available through the "view another cam" pulldown menu under the video screen.

The Vancouver (BC) Aquarium has a cam on their beluga pool.

And the San Diego Zoo has a pandacam, one for their polar bears, another for the outdoor ape enclosure, and lastly one for the elephants.
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Adloyada is a Jewish woman who has six decades' worth of accumulated opinions to offer. Post categories include:
* Academic hissy fits
* Books
* Confessions of a former couch potato
* Education, education, education
* Food and Drink
* Jewish life & learning
* London
* Memory
* Other voices
* Our entirely unbiased media
* Radicals and marxists of Chelm
* Service to the downhearted
* The age of not believing
* The land of milk and honey
* Today Programme
* Weblogs
* You probably think this post is about you

Relevant to recent discussions around my friendslist, the current post as I type this is about organization and stuff.
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The bloggers at An Exploration of Portland Food and Drink review restaurants, gossip about the industry, and interview local chefs. Like any reviewer, whether you will agree with their reviews depends on how much you share their tastes, but I find it interesting even when I disagree with the assessments.
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Portland Architecture goes into the "hate the attitude, still learn a lot from" column. This guy is pro-building: condos and hi-rises everywhere! Build the tram, after all it's already been *designed* and we owe it to the designer to build it! Completely understandable but not my attitude at all (guess I won't be an architect); still, I learn a lot about what's going on in the development circles, I occasionally see something I really like, for example, the Living Smart designs for narrow-lot home building in Portland.
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Balabusta in Blue Jeans is a teacher in El Cerrito, CA who is attempting to create a Jewish home despite everpresent distractions.
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Foldedspace posted some MP3s and links to old recorded music, such as a 1905 recording of In the Good Old Summertime by John Philip Sousa's band, and a 1918 recording of Over There by Enrico Caruso.

Edited to add: From one of the links, what may be the inspiration for Rosemary Clooney's hit, Come On'a My House: Won't You Come Over to My House, which contains the lyric "I'll give you candy" but is apparently about a woman asking a little girl sitting on the street, crying, to come over and play and pretend to be her daughter.
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You Knit What? posts pictures and ridicule of knitting projects.
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From 0 to 5 is the story of a woman and her partner who have foster-parented and adopted several children, including some gay teens who were abused in previous situations. They struggle so hard to teach the kids how to love and be loved, I can't adequately express my admiration for them.
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I must like being appalled, because I enjoy Go Fug Yourself mostly for the appalling photos of celebrities who are dressed appallingly. Sometimes the commentary is good, too. Often the person being fugged is completely unknown to me, but I still enjoy looking at the extremely bad choices for clothing some people make.
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A Dress A Day doesn't *always* show a dress a day, although that is the goal of the poster. Sometimes it's a quote about clothing from literature, sometimes a sample of fabric. Sometimes the daily dress is a pattern, sometimes a dress for sale (e.g., on Ebay).
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Mighty Goods is a shopping blog for some mighty good things.
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Alas, a Blog is a group blog with a focus that might be ACLU and feminism and gender and size issues, with a side of politics and baby pictures. A post today discusses a story from the news of a Jewish family driven out of town by Christians, in Delaware, with the help of an anti-ACLU organization.
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Someone had a good idea, and various cities around the country have group blogs like Metroblogging Portland, which has a bunch of contributors who post from the mundane (photos of their day) to the ridiculous and in other directions, too.
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[ profile] trish_wilson also writes The Countess. Frequent topics include father's rights, parental alienation, and erotic chocolates.


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