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userpic=voteAs I wrote in Part I, which covered the major offices and in Part II, which covered the propositions, the general election is just about a week away, and that means it is time to go through the ballot to revisit how I should vote. I do this afresh each election, and I post my analysis here for you to review. If you disagree, let me know with a convincing reason why I should support the other side. But more importantly, I encourage you to do the same: Go through your sample ballot, where ever you are, and study the candidates and make an informed decision. Put some critical thought behind your vote. Don’t just vote a slate without thinking — on either side. Don’t just vote against the other guy; vote for the positions you like. This is your chance to make a difference. Most importantly, remember to vote. Many many many, and even many more, have given their lives so that you have the ability to vote. Respect them, and exercise your franchise. Even if you disagree with me.

On to Part III: The Judgeships. Often, it is asked why we vote on these — after all, no one knows any of the candidates. It often seems a waste of candidates money; a waste of ballot space; and it opens the judges up to bribes in the form of campaign contributions. We vote on judge because the electorate demanded it: they wanted to be able to throw out judges that they felt were soft on crime, or who ruled the way that didn’t like. In other words, they wanted judges to enforce their political positions, not necessarily the law. So, what do I look for in a judge? Simple:

  • Strong qualifications from respected legal associations
  • Absence of evidence of malfeasance or bias
  • Evidence of strong ethics, and ideally, being governed by the law even if they personally disagree

Do they have to agree with me? No, they have to follow the law. Secondary considerations are encouraging the vision of a judicial body that reflects the makeup of society. We are judged by our peers, and that is more than just the jury. Judges require varied backgrounds to understand and interpret, and that is something not exclusive to white men and white women.

So, as they used to say, “Here come ‘de Judge”. Note that many of these offices are not races; they are confirmations of appointments.

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The Wooden Mansion

Oct. 25th, 2014 06:59 pm
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Here's a story from Junji Ito. Remember to read from right to left. Also a warning for brief nudity.

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"Seder Masochism" GIFs

Oct. 25th, 2014 04:35 pm
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Nina Paley has posted two GIFs of Hebrew slaves in Egypt, one of men and one of women.  And look!  They're brown, with curly black hair, not whitewashed.  I love the stylized geometric body parts too.

Today's Yardening: Daffodils

Oct. 25th, 2014 04:24 pm
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DONE.  Finally planted the last bag of daffodils today.  


Polychrome Heroics sale is SOLD OUT!

Oct. 25th, 2014 02:57 pm
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The Polychrome Heroics sale has SOLD OUT!  Thank you for your generous support.  I do not have all the poems posted yet, so I have marked them as sold with notes about the respective sponsors.  Watch for new poems to appear; you have a ton of goodies in progress.  It is likely to take quite a while for me to finish uploading all this stuff and updating appropriate listings, etc.

Special thanks to my partner Doug for the wildly popular and successful quarter-price sale.  It seems to be the runaway innovation of this year.  :D

Personal Service Announcement:

Due to some household factors, I am overloaded and falling further behind.  It's nothing bad; some of it is great, like having houseguests for Samhain.  But it means I have a drawerful of time-sensitive obligations and a handful of spoons to meet them with.  Things are starting to get dropped that really should not be dropped.

How you can help:

1) If you email or private-message me about something and I don't get back to you in my usual 2-3 days, it has probably fallen out of my attention.  If it is trivial, I probably won't get back to it and I hope that's okay.  If it is important, please check back with me so I do not forget about it indefinitely.  (This includes the work I'm supposed to be doing reorganizing my website for Polychrome Heroics.)  You're not nagging, you're tracking.  It just may take me a while, and more than one reminder, to get the most important stuff actually done.

2) Be patient with the fact that I'm falling behind, losing stuff, and making mistakes because I am busy-cubed and my brain is kind of fried.  If you point out mistakes, I will fix them as best I can.  Thank you!
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"I think I have a bit of a reputation for taking obscure or under-utilized characters and fleshing them out. I intend to really flesh out Hammond [the original Torch] and turn him into a truly compelling character." -- James Robinson

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[syndicated profile] captainawkward_feed

Posted by JenniferP

Hi Captain!

I changed careers and started a job in a brand new field about a year ago.  Around the same time, I started dating someone new.  I kept quiet about my new relationship at work for a few reasons:

  • Being new on the job, I didn’t know my coworkers so well, and I wanted to get a better sense of the culture around personal talk at my company.
  • I didn’t have a great sense of whether or not the relationship would be a long-term thing or just a fling.
  • I identify as a lesbian.  I’m dating a guy.  All my coworkers are straight.

A year later, I’m pretty invested in the relationship.  My community has been supportive and wonderful; everyone I hang out with gets that identity, desire, and behavior are separate things.  It feels like I’m back in the closet at work though.  I initially came out to my coworkers as lesbian and haven’t told them I’m dating a guy just yet.  I play the Pronoun Game occasionally, or speak about “one of the people that I’m dating” in vague terms, and I’m tired of it — I’d like to come out and let people know.

My coworkers are warm, kind, respectful humans.  I am sure they have the capacity to understand, but I’m struggling to come up with the best way of explaining the situation.  Do you have any scripts?

Thank you so much!


Complicated Queer




Hi Complicated!

The good news is that your work environment turned out to be a comfortable and supportive one, your coworkers sound generally like cool people, and the thing driving this problem is you wanting to be a bit closer to them by telling them about your life. The second good news is that they probably don’t think about your sexual identity or your romantic life all that much and won’t be phased by anything you tell them. The other good news is that you don’t owe them a narrative of yourself that all makes sense.

If you ever bring your partner by the office, maybe to meet you or pick you up, or in the course of talking to your coworkers say “that person I’ve been dating, heck, after all this time I should just use his name, which is Ned Nickerson, told me I might really like Kieslowski’s Three Colors Trilogy, so we watched the whole thing this weekend…”

Yep, you might get a momentary “Wait, but aren’t you….????” reaction that slips out before your coworker’s filters come up. The screenwriter in me pictures you as Cameron Esposito saying “I was just as surprised as you are, believe me.

See also:

  • No answer at all, just, shrug and move on. Their filter will catch up.
  • Yep, I am. And yet? This works for me.
  • If you’re comfortable with it and if and only if this actually describes you, “Yep, though maybe I’d use the word bisexual if I had to introduce myself now.
  • “Yep, I am, but sometimes that’s a more fluid thing.”
  • “Yep, I am, but I’m glad I made an exception in this case.”

Then don’t get drawn into a long discussion about it. “Have you ever seen those movies? I think Blue is my favorite, Ned really likes White for the dark humor.”

Potential trouble spots:

  • The dude coworker who thinks he has a shot now.
  • The coworker who has 8 million questions and theories about queerness and sexuality.
  • Maybe a conservatively religious coworker who now thinks you are “cured of teh gays” and wants to “celebrate.”

Do you have any of these types around? If so, your answers are “Nope, not you, not ever”, “Wow, I don’t really know the answer to that, but there are a lot of websites out there with info,”/”Your curiosity is really heartening, but I’m not comfortable being your sounding board about that stuff at work,” and “Not how it works!” (+ sticking to work topics only with that one), respectively.

You got this. You’re not lying, you’re not letting anyone down, you’re not failing to conform to someone’s idea of how you should be, you’ve got nothing to apologize for or explain. I predict that this will be a weird 5 minutes or so in your life and then you will get to enjoy the freedom of not having to parse all your statements about this person so much.

Poem: "The Sounds You Can't Unhear"

Oct. 25th, 2014 02:51 pm
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This poem came out of the October 2014 Creative Jam. It was inspired by a prompt from [personal profile] corvi. It also fills the "lost in translation" square in my 9-29-14 card for the Origfic_bingo fest.  This poem has been sponsored by [personal profile] dialecticdreamer.  It belongs to the Aquariana thread of the Polychrome Heroics series, and is a direct sequel to "A Voice from Beyond."

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A difference between Fig and Ibid

Oct. 25th, 2014 11:59 am
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If, when he tires of his food, I pick and place back down Fig's dish, he is aware it's the same food he didn't want 30 seconds ago.

Ibid, not so much.

Rather disappointing meal

Oct. 25th, 2014 05:39 pm
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We thought we would go to one really upmarket eatery in Munich, and even having eliminated the ones that even by London standards were horrendously pricey, it still turned out to be Quite Expensive, especially given that the food was really Not All That.

It did do a lot of the fine dining ritual.

However, I didn't feel that winter vegetable salad, even with wee baby veggies, had anything much to say to the artichoke bottom in my starter.

I did feel that if you make a big deal about serving the salt-baked sea bass two different ways, they should be a bit more distinguishable, even contrasty, than than they were. (Plus, grouch, I think if you say, for 2, eurosxx, one does not anticipate that that is per person rather than for the dish.)

Were I to be feeling kind I might say they were deploying an extremely subtle palette of flavour. Or I might just say it was all rather on the bland side.

The bread was very good but I thought it rather odd to set butter-knives but then just supply a selection of olive oils and fancy salts for dipping.

In supposedly ruinously expensive London I have spent less for better nosh.

"Sucky" a homophobic slur?

Oct. 25th, 2014 06:30 am
[syndicated profile] asknicola_feed

Posted by Nicola Griffith

From: Victoria

As my journey to be more a sensitive/less hurtful individual continues, I notice that more and more words are offensive to many different marginalized/oppressed groups of individuals. It is easy to ignore these hurtful words if one surrounds themselves with only heteronormative people. Thankfully, I have been introduced to a diverse group of people and had to the chance to engage in dialogues which have made me realize that language is meaningful. I do have to admit, I just read your article "Lame is so gay — a rant." The logic you use to assert that lame is an offensive word makes perfect sense to me. One thing I do not understand, however, is your use of the word "sucky"as a potential synonym for the word "lame" which you say should not be used. This is the second time I have read an article claiming that lame is an offensive word, followed by using "sucky" as an adjective that one should use to describe a situation that they find to be uncool, or whatever. From my understanding, "sucky" is actually a homophobic slur, which originated to debase gay men who performed oral sex…or "sucked" penis. So…sucky is actually just as hurtful of a term. I just wanted to bring that to your attention because I’ve noticed several bloggers arguing against the word lame, while suggesting one swap out that word with another homophobic offensive term. What do you make of this? 
I'm sorry for offending any reader by using sucky in any way that could be construed as homophobic. It was entirely unintentional. But I'll do my best to not make the same mistake again.

What follows is not an excuse—clearly I've upset some people; that's on me; I apologise—but it is an exploration of word use.

I grew up in England, where as a child sucky could refer to, among other things, a bog that sucks you down; an early and mid-20th-C school playtime taunt, "Oh, sucks to you!" which might, in turn, come from either sucking air at the bottom of a glass instead of squash—coming up empty, in other words—or being the runt of the farmyard litter and so sucking on the dirtiest or most inconvenient teat. And so on.

But by the time I was in my teens I understood it also as a reference to fellatio, mainly of the straight variety. Before one of my first radio interviews in this country, in 1995, at an NPR affiliate in Portland, OR, Kelley reminded me: This country has strict rules about certain words (she gave me the usual list) so don't use them! As it would be dumb to use words that would get the interview scrubbed, I agreed. And so when I answered a question about something that, normally, I would describe as "a load of shit" I said, instead, "It sucks." And the interviewer flinched and looked at her producer, who, after a pause, shrugged; Kelley sighed.

We talked about it afterwards. I came away three things. One, you can push the letter of the law where necessary. Two, sometimes it's really not necessary; in the same position now I would use a less inflammatory word, like rubbish. Three, at the time, less than 20 years ago, it sucks, or sucky, was not a queer pejorative.

Obviously language use changes. And, just as obviously, I don't always keep up.

Realising I haven't kept up makes me defensive. When I first read your email I thought, Huh. Just fucking typical: a perfectly gender neutral word is now all about Teh Menz and what they do to each other. Then I laughed at myself for the idiotic response. 

I'm guessing we all go through some version of this, though: to feel vulnerable about being corrected in public and getting cross as a result. It's a human failing. I am absolutely not above it (sigh). But I've been an idiot a lot in my life, and it no longer worries me; I tend to get over it fast. However, understanding of that vulnerable-to-defensive-to-angry reaction is something that informs my own approach when bracing someone about a word that they think is perfectly harmless. It's the reason that I try to speak in informational and impersonal mode rather than being accusatory. (Try being the operative word: I have failed spectacularly on occasion.) Good people tend to feel bad about hurting others through their own ignorance. They also feel bad when they think that someone believes they hurt another knowingly. So I try not to provoke that response. I want people to be their best selves, not their defensive worst.

Having said all that, you did it very nicely: carefully, respectfully, and unapologetically. You're the first person to talk to me about this. I hear you: Some people now, here, today think/feel that sucky is a homophobic slur, and so its use upsets them. Just as lame used as a pejorative pisses me off.

So I'll delete sucky from the list and I'll try to remember not to use it. Please feel free to remind me if I slip—because I probably will; new habits can be hard to integrate. But, again, I apologise to any I've upset by using the term.

Thanks for letting me know.

(no subject)

Oct. 25th, 2014 07:29 am
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The "I don't own a couch" issue became more of an issue and less of a running joke in the past few weeks, as we drew closer to my surgery date in November, since Mum will be here and while I have an air mattress for her to sleep on (seriously, it's the best air mattress ever), I don't have many places for either of us to sit during the day.

The Fauxfa, made of a futon nailed to a wall and a bedroll on top of it, wasn't going to cut it.

So mum went and tested out sofas at Ikea, and when it was a toss up between a cheap one I liked and an expensive one she liked, she said she'd make up the difference.


In the meantime, have some threesome fic! No couches are involved, just a large bed.

Title: Devils and Heathens
Rating: R
Summary: Peggy Carter didn't go looking for trouble, or Bucky Barnes, or a threesome. Sometimes these things just find you.

Here on Dreamwidth | Here on AO3
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Title: Devils and Heathens
Rating: R
Summary: Peggy Carter didn't go looking for trouble, or Bucky Barnes, or a threesome. Sometimes these things just find you.
Notes: Inspired by this art post, and abetted by the Stream Team. Thanks in particular to superqueerpasta on tumblr for encouragement and chocolate-alchemy on tumblr for commentary.

Also available at AO3.

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Uber #17

Oct. 25th, 2014 07:27 pm
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"Uber relaxing into a three- and five-panel structure is something I find fascinating. Three-panel is something I connect intensely with Warren Ellis (and Millar, though never in this mode). Five-panel storytelling is Garth Ennis." -- Kieron Gillen

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