Seventh Anniversary?

May. 1st, 2016 09:19 am
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In two days. Apparently no celebration this year of the Three Weeks for Dreamwidth, or at least no announcement. Turf.

Meanwhile the Grauniad is running a daily series on cities, and there's an entry on New York City. Specifically, Jane Jacobs vs. Robert Moses.  Hee hee!  (Check out the other entries!)

Thanks for being here, Dreamwidth.
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TW: Death, some gore
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Post dated jouralling today

May. 1st, 2016 08:27 am
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See one of the following for today's journaling about Saturday morning in Death Valley. It's partial, but it's a start of catching up.


Death Valley Retrospect: part 1

Mar. 5th, 2016 12:00 am
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The journaling exercise on my semi-random list for today(2016-05-01) is to replay a happy day. I think i'll journal a little bit about the Death Valley trip, the full day we were there on 5 March.

P-- is my friend from work (who was laid off on Friday). She loves visiting Death Valley and has been there over many years. She prefers staying in Furnace Creek, but the March pricing was a bit steep. We were staying in Stovepipe Wells. My sense is that it was just a fine basic sort of place to be, although the walls were a bit thin. The Stove Pipe Wells restaurant was fine, but P-- was just beginning the vegetarian journey, so the meat-meat-meat menu plus the overly busy service the night before had put her off.

We left Stovepipe Wells and drove the soon to be familiar stretch of 190: morning light on the dune field, through some rounded outcrops that made the very northern toes of the Panamint range, through the devil's corn field (a "scenic" stop for which we made fun of stopping), then climbing in to the areas where the vast fields of yellow desert gold flowers bloomed. Did we stop that morning? We drove past the turn offs for Scotty's Castle and points in Nevada, left the lines of shoulder parked cars and giddy photographers in the flowers, drove down through sulfur yellow sculpted stone and reached Furnace Creek. We wanted to check in at the Ranger's Station as P-- wanted to use her America the Beautiful Senior Pass, but i think it was closed at this point.

I think we went to Zabriskie Point first. To reach this badlands view point, one leaves the valley and begins a climb into the badlands for about three and a half miles. The roadside views were of washes with plenty of wildflowers. Purples of phacelia come to my memory. The climb didn't seem that great to me, a passenger, but it looks like it's about 600' above sea level -- and the section of the valley one can see from there is below sea level by over 200'. The parking area for the view point is pretty level, and there's an inclined ... what are these chunks of badland elevation called? It's far too small to be a mesa, and "hill" brings to mind a rolling shape that is completely unwarranted. It seemed almost manmade. As i watched the procession of sight seers up the sandy gold slope i was struck by the thought of epic B movie presentations to ancient gods, with priests and pilgrims climbing up to the place of offering. This particular chunk of sandstone was higher than some of the nearby rounded forms, set between two much higher ranges. From the top one could see the snowy tops of the Panamints on the opposite side of Death Valley, at elevations above ten thousand feet, sections of Death Valley, and the badlands in between. One particularly striking point to the west of the viewpoint is the brown and pale striped point known as the Manly Beacon. The browns kept reminding me of cocoa, chocolate. We were fortunate to have changing light from the east, cloud cover with distant illumination of the Panamints, and then light while the distance was dark.

The location apparently is crawling with photographers at dawn, but the changeable light patterns of that El Niño Saturday provided delightful photographic opportunities.

Our next stop was Furnace Creek for breakfast. The park was very busy, and my memory of every meal in Furnace Creek was of parking tangles and overwhelmed wait staff. The Saturday morning breakfast wait was better than on Sunday, though. I knew P-- wasn't really planning lunch, so i took my toast and jam for a later snack. be continued...
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userpic=fringeWell, I just purchased tickets for our Fringe Extravaganza in June1, and so I’d like to add some observations. This was triggered by the show we saw last night, Lunatics and Actors2…. well, actually, it was triggered by the program for the show. In the program, Ben Hill, director of the Fringe, is quoted as saying “Our mission, however, is to create more theatrical producers.” This is clear from their workshops and all the efforts they make — it is geared towards the individual producer and artists, making it easy for them to present their shows, find a venue, and promote.

They’ve forgotten someone.

To be specific, they’ve forgotten the someone who makes the Fringe successful, who provides a good chunk of the funds that keep these shows going.

They’ve forgotten the audience.

Whereas the Fringe may be artists friendly, it is less audience friendly. Here are some specific suggestions on how to improve the Fringe experience for the audience:

  1. Parking. Parking in the area around the Fringe Theatres — specifically the stretch from W of the Hudson Theatre to E of the Lounge Theatre — is horrible. There are numerous limits on where you can park, and not a lot of street spaces. Working with some of the businesses in the area to rent parking spaces and run a free Fringe shuttle would remove a lot of stress from Fringe attendees (and participants). This could easily provide income to the Fringe: I’m spending over $200 on tickets — a $25 Fringe parking pass would be noise and would reduce my stress quite a bit. This might also include a stop at the closest Red Line station, encouraging participants to park on the outskirts and take Metro to the event.
  2. Food. Fringe makes a valiant effort with Fringe Central, and there are a few restaurants in the area. There are more in driving distance, but given the parking situation, you don’t want to move your car. There are multiple ways to address this. First, Fringe might arrange to have some food trucks park near the Fringe Venues — especially in the dinner hours (4pm to 8pm). Second, Fringe should provide a list of nearby restaurants to audience members when the register. While it is true that the information may be in the Fringe program, you don’t get that until you are on-site — which may be too late.
  3. Communication. Fringe needs to communicate with the audience members better. In particular, Fringe should send a welcome message when they purchase tickets giving information and food options near the theatres they select. This can either be a stock information sheet covering all the fringe, or it can be something tailored to the audience member based on the shows they select (it is not hard to have the code go through their cart and pull together localized parking and food info).
  4. Fringe Central Hours. Fringe Central — the Fringe clearinghouse and where you pickup Fringe buttons — is the heart of the Fringe experience. The buttons enable food discounts, which you need after purchasing a full Fringe schedule of tickets. But Fringe Central doesn’t open until after Preview Week. This means that for the first week of Fringe shows, there is no Central. Fringe Central should open up two hours before the first scheduled Fringe show each day in June, and close no earlier than an hour after the last show starts that day. This would mean that, yes, Central is open the first week of June.
  5. A Fringe Pass. Scheduling a full schedule of Fringe shows is expensive. Having some form of Festival Pass that might provide significant discounts — on top of the button — for those purchasing at least a dozen Fringe shows would be a great encouragement to Fringe participation. The people Fringing at this level are your biggest proponents — they are dedicated to attending theatre and encouraging them is vital.
  6. Ticketing. The HFF Fringe ticketing assumes the model of one person purchasing tickets for themselves. Although you can buy multiple buttons, only one applies even if multiple tickets are purchased. The ticketing interface must acknowledge that people may be buying tickets for their group. You should be able to purchase multiple buttons, and have the button discount apply to as many tickets as there are buttons in the cart (e.g., 2 buttons == button discounts on 2 tickets per show). P.S.: This might even automatically introduce a special discount based on the number of shows in the cart: purchase 12 shows, get the 13th free or something silly like that.

The Fringe Festival is more than the actors, producers, and directors in the shows. It is the audience, and this audience consists of not only the aforementioned actors, producers, and artists (and their friends and families), it consists of theatre lovers throughout Southern California. Fringe provides these people with a taste of shows they might not normally see, and can introduce them to the world of intimate theatre — the theatre beyond the Pantages and the Ahmanson. It can draw these folks in as financial backers for shows and artists. Listed above are my simple suggestions on how to make the Fringe experience better for the audience members.

There’s still time for Fringe leadership to introduce these suggestions this year. Fringe doesn’t start Fringing until the first weekend in June. Let’s make Fringe a success for audience, actor, and producer alike.
1: Ouch! Tickets for 15 shows add up, even at Fringe prices and with a button discount.
2: Writeup this afternoon

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Link: On not giving up

May. 1st, 2016 07:37 am
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For Blogging against Disabilism Day, David Gillon has written about not 'Giving Up' and about non-disabled people's harmful prejudices about him using a wheelchair.

Brief answers

May. 1st, 2016 06:06 am
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Are we facing an epidemic of harmful anal sex, brought on only because of the availability of online porn?


Poll for Blogging Against Disablism

May. 1st, 2016 04:11 am
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I have posted a poll for a free poem on my LiveJournal, for Blogging Against Disablism Day.  If you're not on LJ, you can vote in a comment.

Wild accusations

May. 1st, 2016 09:33 am
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Sure I am a little in wonderment that, was there a servant in the household that was about stealing jewellery, they would take Mrs K-‘s, for altho’ a fine enough piece, 'tis by no means as valuable as my diamonds or my rubies, or indeed, the other ladies also have exceeding fine jewels.

The gentleman come quite tumbling in to the drawing-room, having been convey’d the news of this theft. Mr D- K- commences upon ranting about thieving servants and in particular the number of blacks in this establishment, that he dares say have been about training that little imp of theirs (by which I understand him to mean Julius) to climb in to places that would be quite secure from any of larger growth.

Mrs K- addresses herself very vehement to Milord about inviting guests to a house where such things happen. I confide that she bears him some resentment for not succumbing to her charms and finds this an excuse for berating him, that is at root about the jewel he has shown no inclination to take (which sure is pinchbeck and paste).

Sure I find myself a complete sceptick in this matter.

I look across to where Sandy is also looking entire unimpresst by the to-do. We exchange meaningfull glances, and I take out with much fumbling my smelling-bottle, crying that o, I feel quite faint, o, it might have been my fine rubies -

Comes up Sandy very expeditious and says, Lady B-, let me conduct you out of this throng to somewhere where you may sit quietly and recover yourself.

I notice some expressions of annoyance on certain of the gentlemen that they have been forestall’d in this matter.

He takes me into the small parlour and closes the door. Should we be sending for Matt Johnson? he asks.

O, I do not think we need to trouble Mr Johnson, says I, 'twixt the two of us we may surely sound this mystery without calling upon Bow Street.

Sandy looks at me and raises his eyebrows. I am in some suspicion, he says, that it does not require even the two of us to sound this out, and that a certain silly creature has a fair notion of what the business is.

Why, says I, I daresay you would not have notic’d, 'tis entirely what a frivolous creature that thinks only of vain adornment would think of, but yestere’en Mrs K- was not wearing the fine necklace in question at dinner, but a pretty thing of amber, which, tho’ most becoming to one of her colouring, is by no means so precious a thing, and given that she is most exceeding prone to flaunt her finery, this seem’d not entirely in character.

'Tis no secret, I continue, that the pair of them are most eager for any enterprize that will bring them in remuneration, for they live well above their means.

That is sure true, says Sandy. One notes that while Lady Z- will make up to any fellow she likes the look of, Mrs K- will only set her sights upon a gentleman that will prove a profitable proposition -

Yes, says I, 'tis entire obvious that Scottish secretaries are quite beneath her notice –

There is a brief dour Calvinistickal glare and then Sandy says, the b---h quite lays siege to poor G-, to his great embarrassment.

That necklace, says I, though very fine, is by no means in the most modern fashionable style, for 'tis given out an heirloom in Mr D- K-'s family: I am sure that given her own taste in the matter Mrs K- would choose something somewhat different. However, if 'tis a family treasure, 'tis something that they could not openly sell to repair their fortunes.

Oho, says Sandy, I see entirely where you are leading.

Indeed, says I, I confide she has conceal’d the item in one of the hot-houses – one might go ask Roberts where he saw her, as I have been told he did, and whether he notices any place that has been disturb’d – will retrieve it at leisure and they will go sell it covertly. I would not be at all surpriz’d do they not also demand of Milord some recompense for inviting them to so badly manag’d a household that a lady’s jewels may be stolen. I hazard that they are at present demanding that all the servants’ boxes be examin’d.

We look at one another and Sandy says he will go at once talk to Roberts, and will certainly mention the insinuations about blacks and in particular the slander upon Julius.

That would be exceeding prudent, says I, you may leave me here to collect myself a while.

He goes. A few moments later comes in Eliza and says I do not appear to be in the vapours, indeed she did not expect to discover me thus, but about some means to spike the K-s' guns.

'Tis entirely so, says I, I have dispatcht Mr MacD- about the business. For I recollect you telling me that you heard that Roberts had spy’d Mrs K- in the hot-houses behaving somewhat suspicious.

So I did, says Eliza. Seraphine confides that he thought it was a case where those that are particular ardent gardeners will go about to steal cuttings of some particular fine specimen, but I do not, on thinking of the matter, suppose Mrs K- to be one that cares for flowers except they adorn herself.

Indeed not, says I.

Comes in Josiah and says that His Lordship takes up the defence of his servants, and indeed none of the visitors is entirely taken with the notion of their own servants having their boxes searcht, and Her Grace has been having words about the accusation against the blacks.

My dear, says I, could you with all expedition go to the hot-houses and tell Roberts and Mr MacD- by no means to disturb the thing do they find it? but leave it where 'tis.

He looks at me, nods, and goes at once.

Comes in Susannah and says 'tis not at all like the C- she knows to be taken in hystericks and she doubts not I feign’d the matter to avoid just such a brangle as is happening in the drawing-room at this precise moment.

Exactly so, says I, sure I am like to suppose that do I defend the honour of those that have been of my own household against these foul imputations, that coarse creature Mrs K- will begin animadversions upon myself, which cannot be profitable.

Indeed 'tis very like she would do so, she quite constant makes vulgar allusions to your former life.

So I have been inform’d.

She sits down, and so does Eliza, and we all sigh mightily.

Some while later return Sandy and Josiah, who say Lady B-'s word is their entire command, but they would like to know what I am about.

O, says I, did you just discover the necklace in some place of concealment she will be at saying that 'twas hid there by the thief to divert suspicion. But I think we may contrive better than that.

For I daresay, I go on, that the K-s will now be saying they will stay no longer in a house where this can happen, but 'tis quite entire too late for them to depart this e’en, quite aside from the very unpleasant weather, so they will be about leaving exceeding early the morn.

O, says Sandy, I see where you are leading. Tho’, indeed, I would think His Lordship might say that those who make such accusations are no longer welcome under his roof.

Whichever way about, says I, I confide they will be about leaving. Sure I should like to search their own boxes, but that would be in exceeding poor ton.

Susannah puts up her lorgnette and looks at me and gives a little laugh. O, they will regret disdaining you! she says.

Sure, says I, I can take people disdaining me for what I was with a placid mind, but I am most exceeding aggriev’d at the abuse of hospitality and the casting of suspicion upon servants and children.

Susannah remarks that even Sir B- W-, that is greatly inclin’d to be trusting, had considerable doubts as to Mr D- K-'s sincerity in making suit to our set, but suppos’d it entirely a pet at not receiving the advancement he would desire. But sure it seems a worse matter than one suppos’d.

There is a noise as of people leaving the drawing room still in a state of excitement, but going about to dress for dinner.

I must go apprize His Lordship of matters, says Sandy, that I can see has been longing to do that this great while.

I stand up and say I go dress for dinner, and perchance I will not mention this matter to Docket, for I fear 'twould make her so furious 'twould affect her heart.

Susannah sighs and says that she dares say 'tis all around the servants by now, sure these matters spread like a miasma

I fear she is right.

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Thought I'd choose some panels that haven't been all the way around the Internet and back (not an easy task).

Do you know where your teenagers are? )

(no subject)

Apr. 30th, 2016 10:11 pm
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As if i didn't have enough change in my life, i've bought a new computer. I wanted to wait until we moved but my current powerful laptop is crashing multiple times per day. I've tried the PRAM reset with no success. The laptop is a "late 2008 model" MacBook Pro so i've probably gotten a fair bit of work out of it.

I've been saving up for some time to actually buy two computers: a small laptop and a nice desktop mac for image editing. The MacBook Pro laptops seem underpowered for the price. On the other hand, the iMac would be a machine that will feel like an upgrade from my current MacBook Pro. I still really like using a laptop, though. So, i've bought the featherweight new MacBook. Two pounds. That's it. It's incredibly light. Admittedly, the screen is a little small, too, but i've been using a 13" screen for work that has similar pixel dimensions to my 15" personal computer. The new computer has the so called retina screen.

The new laptop also has only one port. You can power the computer OR you can connect it to a peripheral. To do the initial set up, including a migration from my current laptop, it must be plugged in. It looks like it will take seven more hours to transfer the data. The screen taunts me, suggesting that it would go faster if the machine were plugged into ethernet. Y'think Apple? Might want to provide some way to support that then!

Other than the pain of this initial data transfer, though, i think the limitations will be mostly unnoticed.

I'll name this computer sassafras, thinking ahead to the plants i expect to find in our new woods.

--== ∞ ==--

In other news, Paramount is claiming copyright on the Klingon language. Ha! This is going to be fun to watch.


Apr. 30th, 2016 10:16 pm
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The number of times patrons enthusiastically (and independently) speculated about how useful my cane must be for disciplining patrons*. Both the frequency and the open glee at the idea surprised me.

I wonder what the reaction would be if I brought in my blackthorn cane?

* Instant firing offense if I did, of course. As it should be.


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