Feb. 1st, 2015 07:21 am
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A few days ago, The Australian, a Murdoch rag, published an obituary for Colleen McCullough, suggesting that her mega-selling The Thorn Birds, the hugely successful miniseries based on it, and the widely beloved Roman history series she followed it with were less important than her appearance. That inspired a hashtag frenzy, with people suggesting their own obits. File 770 offers a selection of the best. (I suggest clicking the link near the end.)

Innate ability

Feb. 1st, 2015 07:00 am
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If you tell kids that they have intellectual ability, it makes them insecure and unwilling to try things they might fail at, so you should tell them that effort is what matters. If you say that certain fields of endeavor require innate ability, people who don't know that women and POC are liable to have innate ability will not hire them, and even worse, the women and POC themselves may believe it and not try, so you should tell them that effort is what matters.

Scott Alexander looks at the other side:
The obvious pattern is that attributing outcomes [fatness, sexual orientation] to things like genes, biology, and accidents of birth is kind and sympathetic. Attributing them to who works harder and who’s “really trying” can stigmatize people who end up with bad outcomes and is generally viewed as Not A Nice Thing To Do.

And the weird thing, the thing I’ve never understood, is that intellectual achievement is the one domain that breaks this pattern.

Welp, that was a bust!

Feb. 1st, 2015 03:43 am
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Drove down 101 (my favorite) to see a possible place.

I have had a certain amount of impostor syndrome over Being A Grown-Up. This was ... well. I didn't feel like I was the incompetent one.

Really, my mind was made up after I drove around in search of a parking spot, found none, wound up at the management office and not the leasing office, and saw the shabbiness (no, Android, not stabbings) and breathed the sadness. There was no street parking left. Once I found the leasing office, the contrast between its shininess and the dingy look of the other grated.

Plus I was parked super illegally in the driveway. There were four other cars also parked badly, but they weren't blocking the handicapped spot as badly. (Based on the way my mobility is improving, I have not tried to apply for the hang tag or plates.)

I explained that no, the one I was interested in was not the 2nd floor studio as stairs are a Bad Idea (and I waved my cane) and I'm coming from a studio. Despite having clicked on the thing, apparently it came through wrong.

So we went to look at the 1st floor studio.

The architecture is unfriendly. One door was chained open across the edge of a portal. I cleared it but with some misgivings.

She unlocked the apartment and switched on the bathroom lights.

I poked my face in.

The bathroom was long and galley-style, combining the worst parts of tiny bathrooms with the worst parts of galley kitchens.

"No," I decided out loud.

"...Would you like to see the rest of the apartment?" she ventured.

I might as well. I liked the kitchen, though I was dubious about whether the 2/3 size fridge could pass the shelf removal test.

On the way back (to get the keys to the van to drive to the 1-bedroom) I asked about the laundry situation.

7-7? "That's a dealbreaker."

We didn't see any other apartments.

I wound up at work.

Yik Yak

Feb. 1st, 2015 06:14 am
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University gives students access to an anonymous-comments app while requiring them to devote nearly three hours every Friday morning to an experimental honors course entitled “Interdisciplinary Exploration of Global Issues: The Environment: Space/Place, Purity/Danger, Hope/Activism.” Students say offensive things about the nearest target, the teachers. University is surprised.

Thanx to [ profile] andrewducker

Carrot carnations

Feb. 1st, 2015 05:48 am

Character: Ilyana Cherenkov

Feb. 1st, 2015 03:46 am
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[personal profile] siliconshaman is developing a Terramagne character, Ilyana Cherenkov (yes, she's related).  Read the first post here.  There will be more later.   I am really enjoying the amount of precise scientific detail woven into the science fantasy of a superhero setting.  I love trying to figure out how  certain superpowers could work, because that tells a lot about what they can do.
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"The Justice League International cover has been homaged to death, I know, but we used it as the basis for issue 1′s cover because it had become pop-cultural shorthand for ‘this is a fun ensemble book that doesn’t take itself too seriously’ – and I was very keen to send that message out into the world because I don’t think the type of casual comic book readers we wanted to attract were aware that Transformers can do lighthearted, frothy stories (at this point I should add that the lightheartedness and froth was, of course, just a cover to disguise the drama and pain underneath)." -- James Roberts

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Recipe: "Quick Greek Chicken"

Jan. 31st, 2015 11:47 pm
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This is one of the things that we made for our Greco-Roman Imbolc celebration.

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Posted by Seanan McGuire

Okay: I just had cause to go through my bins of author's copies, and it's getting scary in there. Very, deeply scary. So! It's time for a hardship giveaway.

What is a hardship giveaway? It's where I give away older books (not ARCs or just-released) to people who couldn't afford to buy them when they came out, and/or can't afford them now. It's an honor system: I believe that you will honor my intent, and only enter if you have a genuine need. Because T-shirt mailing is ongoing, this particular giveaway is only open to people with US addresses. I am so sorry about that, I really am, but a) I can't afford international postage (which is sort of contradictory to the whole "hardship" angle), and b) my postal workers will kill me if I add more international shipping right now.

To enter...

1) Comment on this post, indicating that you have a US address.
2) Tell me what book you are hoping to win. Anything I've written.
2a) Hell, feel free to list anthologies.
3) If you have a second choice, list that.

I cannot guarantee that I have any specific book "in stock," as it were, but I can sure look. (I can tell you for sure that I don't have Rosemary and Rue or Feed right now.)

I will choose five winners on Wednesday, February 4th. They will have twenty-four hours to contact me to claim their prizes.

Shoot for the moon!

SF Generators

Jan. 31st, 2015 10:12 pm
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A friend tipped me to these...

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Valentine's Day Bingo Card 1-31-15

Jan. 31st, 2015 09:45 pm
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This card is for the Valentine's Day and Anti-Valentine's Day Bingo Fest over on [community profile] allbingo hosted by [personal profile] vexed_wench. The opposite of a Great Truth is another Great Truth -- "Love is great!" and "Love sucks!" -- so here we go. I really liked a bunch of prompts on both lists, but knew I'd have trouble making bingo on two separate cards. Therefore I mixed them into a single card.

I'm hoping to attract some new readers through this fest. People are starting to show interest in specific prompts. If you'd like to sponsor a particular square, especially if you have an idea for what character, series, or situation it would fit -- talk to me and we'll work something out. I may still post some of the fills for free, because I'm using this to attract new readers; but if it brings in money, that means I can do more of it. That's part of why I'm crossing some of the bingo prompts with other projects, such as the Poetry Fishbowl. Any other ideas for monetizing this? Let me know.

Underlined prompts have been filled.

Valentine's Day Bingo Card

Platonic loveJust found out allergic to (food or flowers etc)They never look like their profileI can't stop thinking about you when we're apartContraceptive mishap
Have a nice life. Ahh who am I kidding I hope you get hit by a moving truck.You make my world a better placeI'm thankful for youYou complete meYou are my strength
JewelryFeb 15th cheap chocolates dayWILD CARDYou're the best thing that ever happened to meSweat/Yoga Pants
You bring happiness to rainy daysYou give love a bad nameYou give me wings to flyI want a lifetime with youI worship you
Candle lit dinner for oneYou are a blessing in disguiseYou are my worldDefective aphrodisiacYou are my treasure

The return of linkspam!

Jan. 31st, 2015 11:17 pm
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Over on (and via) Tumblr, a series of posts on mythology in the Queen's Thief books.

At the OTW, author Cecilia Tan has a guest post on "Why Fanfic and Fan Rights Should Matter to Pros".


[ profile] mrissa posted about cliffhangers: "Further in my watching of ten gajillion cop shows with my workouts, I have noticed an alarming tendency to try to add suspense in all the wrong places. Not every season has to end with a cliffhanger. If people like your show, they will keep watching your show. [...] But if you do choose to end your season (chapter, whatever piece of your narrative arc) with a cliffhanger, for the love of Pete can you make it one that actually…cliffhangs? Competently?" There's also interesting discussion in the comments.

Via Jim Hines, author Myke Cole posted "Military Fantasy: What is 'Military'?"


Buzzfeed claims to have compiled "The 100 Most Important Cat Pictures of All Time". With commentary!

Social Justice

At Panels last month, Caroline Pruett wrote "How To Talk to our Daughters about Women in Refrigerators".

Via Twitter: "We Hate Our Bodies, and It's Not Our Fault."

At the Toast, "Friendship and Race and Knowing Your Place".


Via Tumblr, "What One Man Learned From Wearing Makeup For A Week".

Via [ profile] lnhammer, a list of all the volcano webcams in the world--as of May 2011, so no guarantees of all links working, mind you. Specifically, when I checked the Kilauea links as given, they all seem to be down, but this page has current Kilauea links.

[ profile] siderea posted "Something to be Done: On Breaking the Cycle of Child Abuse". (Content notes as specified there: "child abuse, discussed generally; discussion of victim-perpetrators.")

Via [personal profile] silveradept:

--"The Web concepts you need to understand in 2015".

--"Why the modern world is bad for your brain".

--"10 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Intellectual Property Law".

--"Creative Commons Confusion Continues to Confound Content Creators" talks about what it actually means to license your work through something like Creative Commons.

Via Facebook:

--Steam Garden is a steampunk festival in Tokyo.

--"Air Plant Jellyfish", which are sold here on Etsy.

In Memoriam

Jan. 31st, 2015 06:58 pm
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Carl Djerassi, whose work led to the Pill.

Creative Aces

Jan. 31st, 2015 08:33 pm
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Here are a couple of sites devoted to Artistic Aces:
Enjoy some lovely art and writing plus discussion of asexual, aromantic, and related experiences.

If you are an ace creator and would like to be featured, go there and contact the site author, who is looking for new folks to feature.  All modes of creativity are welcome -- art, writing, dance, whatever.

Superman's New(er) Costume

Feb. 1st, 2015 12:20 pm
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Here's the cover to Superman #39 with Superman's new costume:

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