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“they couldn’t make the Maximoffs Jewish because they can’t make any reference to Magneto”

did u kno…. magneto is not the only jewish person in the world……

this is bullshit all my jewish friends are related to magneto

It’s true I am

Me too

also me

ok so
I’ve been holding back but I need to tell you
I too am related to magneto because I am jewish so

I feel like I need to step in here and clarify that not every Jewish person is related to Magneto.

Basically, all Jews can be divided into four groups based on tribal ancestry: Cohenim, Levites, Israelites, and Magnetoim. Halachically, only Jews who are descended from Magneto through the paternal line are Magnetoim, although you can become a Magnetoim through marriage. For example, my mother’s family are Levites, but because my paternal grandfather wasn’t Jewish, I was, for most of my life, an Israelite. However, my husband is a Magnetoim, so now I am, as well. When we have children, they will also be Magnetoim.

I hope that explains everything!

Also, if you are a non-genetically Jewish adoptee adopted by Jewish parents OR a genetically Jewish adoptee adopted by non-Jewish parents you’re automatically a Magnetoim. It’s a little known Halachic quirk.

Yeah, the Halacha on this is really wonky, because while adoptees automatically fall under the umbrella of Magnetoim, Gerim are usually designated as Israelites, unless they possess the ability to bend metal at will, in which case, they are halachically Magnetoim by default.

Yup! I remember hearing a d'var Torah on this a few years back. It’s really interesting! 

So, uh, what about ethnic Jewish people who can trace their metalbending back to a Bei Fong on the gentile side of their family?

I think it depends on which side you’re inheriting your ability to control metal from. Jewishness is derived from the mother, while lineage is derived from the father. So it depends on a) if the Bei Fong converted, b) if they were male or female and c) if that side of your family it maternal or paternal.

A ger Bei Fong father on the paternal side would mean that you’re inheriting Magnetoim lineage (see above, re: gerim with the ability to control metal). On the other hand the Halacha is a little confused if the metal-control is not inherited from a Jewish parent, because a non-Jewish father usually makes you Israelite by default.

It IS possible to be an Israelite with metal control abilities– although, IIRC, many such modern Jews of liberal bent feel free to identify as Magnetoim out of solidarity. Some conservative Jews frown on that practice because it confuses lineage and might complicate the situation if we ever end up with a new Holy Temple.

Flash #122

May. 28th, 2015 08:37 pm
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Mark Waid writes about a superhero in a red costume who leaves his hometown and moves to the West Coast.

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Not really my sort of novel

May. 28th, 2015 07:10 pm
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Though will admit that some of the British versions are dear to my heart (o hai, Arnold Bennett) this was not quite that.

Anyway, this was one version of the one of the young(-ish) man with wider ambitions who finds himself in an unsympathetic provincial milieu, sitting next to me on the flight home.

(I had had some hope that the seat next to me would remain empty, but they let on a group of passengers who had been on a connecting flight that was late, right at the last minute.)

Anyway, comes and sits down next to me a young(-ish - maybe 30 or so?) man, being ebullient in conversation with the other latecomers.

After take-off, when the landing-cards are distributed, he asks whether I have a pen he can borrow, and we fall into conversation.

I initially thought his exuberance was a)American b) due to being one of those enthusiastic bouncy-Labrador-puppy characters, but on the basis of the number of tiny bottles of vodka he managed to put away, realised it it v likely that he had already drink taken before boarding.

So, it became revealed that his life was not what he would have wished. His journey was undertaken in connection with a relationship for which he did not hold out happy prospects. He had had a place on a prestigious graduate programme in the field he wished to pursue but this had not worked out. He was working in his father's (comfortable middle-class) business Somewhere in the Mid-West, and did not find either the career or the environment congenial.

He seemed utterly and vociferously thrilled to discover himself seated next to somebody who read books, and could make literary jokes and allusions, went to the theatre, etc, even if the recognition of my qualifications did not deter him from a certain amount of mansplaining, along with what threatened to become 'and let us become BFF forever'.

By the time we landed he appeared to be in the throes of a severe hangover and I was tempted to offer him one of the more potent painkillers from my handbag.

But, anyway, this struck me as being a little vignette scene in some novel of not yet quite male midlife crisis about having so far failed to affront his destiny.

For some reason, this essay on being struck dumb when asked to recommend books. resonated.

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girls don’t want boys, girls want a young avengers netflix series with actual teen actors and correct queer and racial representation

open to suggestions

May. 28th, 2015 01:28 pm
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A thank you to Resonant. I am pleased to report I am able to carry a case of books eight or nine blocks and less to report that I would rather do that than go home to get my cargo dolly first.

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Mysterious Neighbors Upstairs

May. 28th, 2015 11:21 am
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I just walked into the kitchen in the office to get a snack, picked up some yogurt, and was looking for a spoon when I heard a quiet scuffling noise coming from overhead and off to my right. At first I think there’s some little animal stuck in the ducts, and glance around to see if anyone else is there to also hear the mysterious noise. My lone co-worker across the kitchen doesn’t seem to hear anything.

And then I see it.

A paper coffee cup, in a holster made of rubber bands and paperclips, is slowly lowered from a 4″ hole in the concrete ceiling. I start laughing, and my co-worker comes over to see what’s going on. I reach up to catch the cup, call up that I have it and to hold position, and I notice something is inside the cup. My co-worker asks what’s in it.

I hold up a snack pack of Cheez-It crackers.

“We have to send something back!” I immediately blurt as I turn around and dig through the snack drawer behind me. I find a suitable exchange, and secure a pack of Swedish Fish in the cup.

“Okay!” I call. The cup ascends up through the concrete ceiling, hesitating only to align with the coaster-width hole in the concrete, and vanishes. A plastic cap is put back down in place. The hole is closed.

“Who was that?” My co-worker asks.

“I have no idea.” I answer.


this world we live in is a magical one

You work in the Twilight Zone.

A question and some linkspam

May. 28th, 2015 01:35 pm
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General question, whether you sift through my linkspam or skim over it: do you have a preference between shorter/more frequent or longer/less frequent linkspam posts? Also--and especially for anyone who goes through it erratically?--does it make a difference whether I put the links under a cut?

And speaking of that, have some links. (For context, I consider this a medium-length collection.)


"Buffy’s Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan Reunite and Share Adorable Pics".

Again, not having seen Fury Road yet, I haven't looked at this too closely: "Holy S**t: The Old Ladies Of ‘Fury Road’ Did Their Own Stunts".

At ANN, there's a primary cast list (and photo!) for the upcoming live-action My Love Story!!/Ore Monogatari movie.

[twitter.com profile] silly_cleo linked to this fun The Good Wife vid to Pink's "Raise Your Glass" (footage from...seasons 1-3?).


"14+ Animals With Natural Umbrellas".

"A Trio of Newborn Baby Goats Stay Warm on a Chilly Evening in Cozy Coordinating Sweaters".


"The Prettiest Place You’ve Never Heard Of" showcases Cape Breton, Nova Scotia...where I haven't been since I was about twelve, but will most likely visit this fall because Ginny wants to head up there. ^_^ (To be specific, the post title refers to Margaree Harbour, not Cape Breton Island as a whole.)

On Boing Boing: "Everything you know about teenage brains is bullshit". "While surveys can tell us about how people perceive the world, the scientific method allows us to test these observations for their validity. As E. O. Wilson said, 'the heart of the scientific method is the reduction of perceived phenomena to fundamental, testable principles.' With this in mind, I set out to review the scientific evidence for the Internet's impact on the brain--specifically the teenage brain. However, to do so I had to first figure out how to define Internet use."

At Everyday Feminism:

--"9 of the Biggest Lies Christianity Tells Us About Sex and Marriage".

--"You Know Those Common Objections to ‘They’ Pronouns? Here Are 9 Simple Facts to Shut Them Down".

--"It’s Not Your Relationship That’s Abusive, It’s Your Partner – Here’s Why That Distinction Matters".

Via Facebook:

--"40 Bizarre Creatures That Actually Exist On Earth". I'm very entertained that the header specifies "on Earth". Thanks...?

--"Jackson Galaxy Solves 10 Important Cat Problems".

--"9 Very Specific Rules From Real Libraries".

--"Dubai's 'Floating Seahorse' Homes Are Partially Submerged And Totally Futuristic".
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this is what dreams are made of.

Is this a metaphor for freedom..?

Spoiler - she is throwing a giant shark. It’s a metaphor for everything.

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I left the library at 6am and have no memory of making this video and I don’t understand it but this is why you don’t pull all-nighters kids

College kids be like

Reading Sea of Poppies

May. 27th, 2015 10:13 pm
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Reading Sea of Poppies from [Unknown site tag]al-zorra's review the other day. I really like it! Picking up the words from context but at some point I will just read straight through this glossary by the author: http://www.amitavghosh.com/chrestomathy.html. I may read everything I can find by him for the next couple of weeks.

Finished my re-read of North and South. I love it but also want to make fun of it. All that virtuousness and dying and agonizing neurotically! Also what a case of the Nice White Ladies. Then I felt like it wound me up to expect a huge mutual brain dump of Mr. What's his name and Margaret explaining everything to each other and their change of heart, but it was over in 2 pages. WTF, draw it out a little bit Gaskell! This does not mean I didn't love it and all the union things and the more or less sympathetic view of working class and poor people. BUT I have a big butt, Margaret's virtuous position is that if the masters and servants and working class just hang out a little bit more they will fight less and it won't matter that someone gets to be ridiculously wealthy and comfortable while other people are still super poor but may be lucky enough not to starve to death. Please. You over there in the mansion, tone it down a little and start a dinner buying coop for your factory workers and you, workers, read the bible more and ... drink slightly less and don't actually beat anyone up when you go on strike which you won't any more becasue the masters have explained why they can't give you a raise but are still in a mansion with a carriage and so on... No, that doesn't work does it?
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Posted by Daniel Gritzer

Sichuan Peppercorn Burgers With Chili-Ginger Mayo and Cucumber Pickles
Inspired by beef momo seasoned with the tingly heat of Sichuan peppercorns, these burgers are spiked with a fragrant mixture of that spice, plus cumin, star anise, fennel, chili flakes, and brown sugar. A tangy chili mayo with plenty of fresh ginger and cucumber pickles round it out. Get Recipe!
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Friendly reminder that this is inscribed on Mjölnir: 

Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.

Friendly reminder that very few people people in the history of the universe have been able to budge that hammer, let alone use it.

Friendly reminder that this happened:


Friendly reminder that this followed:



(gif source)

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Posted by J. Kenji López-Alt

Easy Pan-Roasted Chicken Breasts With Morel Mushroom Pan Sauce
Pan-roasted chicken with pan sauce—like this one flavored with morel mushrooms and shallots and lemon—is the ultimate weeknight staple. It's inexpensive, delicious, and takes less than half an hour from start to finish. Throw a great simple mixed green salad on the side, and you've got yourself one of my all-time favorite meals. Get Recipe!


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