Shaking the Cup Again

Aug. 21st, 2014 08:51 am
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[personal profile] herlander_refugee may even picture me on my knees, begging like a Franciscan if you like. Just get out your checkbook please and prove to me that my begging works?

For the freedom of PAGAN religion as practiced by WOMEN is certainly not free.

I wish I could do my yard sale faster to raise more funds...I wrote the check for the next two weeks grocery money today.
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After announcing the dismantling of Planning Commission in its present form, the Narendra Modi-led NDA government has set about restructuring another organisation—the Food Corporation of India (FCI). The ministry of consumer affairs, food and public distribution has constituted a committee to restructure FCI in order to put a check on high cost and high wastage in food procurement and its distribution to consumers. The committee has to submit its report in the next three months.

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Over coffee this morning, my friend Colin showed me a video which I found pretty extraordinary. It's about an endeavor called Project Daniel:

The video isn't new, but it was new to me. Here's how the project's creators describe it:

Just before Thanksgiving 2013, Mick Ebeling returned home from Sudan's Nuba Mountains where he set up what is probably the world's first 3D-printing prosthetic lab and training facility. More to the point of the journey is that Mick managed to give hope and independence back to a kid who, at age 14, had both his arms blown off and considered his life not worth living.

I'd heard about 3D printing, but I'd never actually seen a 3D printer in action, or seen the kinds of things one can create. In my mind, 3D printing was more or less the stuff of science fiction -- Rule 34 by Charles Stross, or Maker Space by KB Spangler. But as this video demonstrates, this technology is very real -- and while I'm sure it's being used for a lot of delightfully silly purposes, it can also be turned to really meaningful forms of service.

Just prior to the trip, the now 16-year-old Daniel was located in a 70,000 person refugee camp in Yida, and, on 11/11/13 , he received version 1 of his left arm. The Daniel Hand enabled him to feed himself for the first time in two years... After Daniel had his own “hand,” with the help of Dr. Tom Catena, the team set about teaching others to print and assemble 3D prostheses. By the time the team returned to their homes in the U.S., the local trainees had successfully printed and fitted another two arms.

I don't want to glorify the "white savior swoops into Africa" narrative. An uncountable number of extraordinary things are done by Africans, in Africa, all the time, though they aren't often reported in American news media. (Take, for instance, the story of William Kamkwamba and his windmill.) But what's remarkable about this story to me isn't Mick Ebeling per se, but the fact of a technology which can create functional prosthetic limbs cheaply, and the look of joy on Daniel's face when he holds a spoon in his new hand and lifts it to his mouth without aid.

It turns out this kind of thing is happening here in the States, too. E-nabling the Future is "a network of passionate volunteers using 3D printing to give the World a 'Helping Hand.'" They design 3D-printable prosthetic limbs and make the designs available under Creative Commons:

We are engineers, artists, makers, students, parents, occupational therapists, prosthetists, garage tinkerers, designers, teachers, creatives, philanthropists, writers and many others – who are devoting our “Free time” to the creation of open source designs for mechanical hand assistive devices that can be downloaded and 3D printed for less than $50 in materials.

Our designs are open source – so that anyone, anywhere – can download and create these hands for people who may need them and so that others can take these designs and improve upon them and once again share with the World in a “Pay it Forward” type of way.

People are using this technology to make new limbs for toddlers, and new hands for veterans. And because the designs are available online as open-source materials, freely available for use and for remix, they're available for anyone who needs them.

At a moment in time when there's so much tragedy and trauma in the world -- Syria, Israel and Gaza, Ferguson, the list goes on and on -- I'm grateful to be reminded that there are people in the world who are giving their time and energy to help others, and to make the world a kinder and more functional place.

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Currently reading:

California Girl by T. Jefferson Parker. Two families and how they connect over the years in Orange County. It's set in the seventies and name drops political and pop culture names without losing it's place in time and sounding judgemental or nostalgic. That alone impressed me. There is a murder and it's up to Nick Becker to solve it. It's his first case and time is slipping by too quickly. It might help if he didn't keep running into secrets and dead ends. I'm really enjoying this one.

I have read:

One of those Ann Rule true-crime books. About once every five years or so, I find myself in possession of one and then I can't not read the damn thing. I am not proud of this, but there you go

Louis L'Amour's Ride the River, Mojave Crossing and The Lonely Men. Easy enjoyable reads.

Found: A Daughter's Journey Home by Tatum O'Neal. Father/daughter relationships draw my interest, especially messed up ones. I actually enjoyed reading this. Her insights into her relationship with her famous father relied a little too heavily (for my taste) on twelves-step programming, but whatever works for each of us.

Reading Next:

Some more of the Sackett books I'm sure. I have a lot of books that are new and even more oldies that need to be re-read before I decide to re-home them.

I totaled a washing machine

Aug. 21st, 2014 09:56 am
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Family extravagance )

In other news, I think I'm adjusting to the new place. I might actually get to sleep through the night at some point soon. And I've got a few routes figured on the commute, so I can get here on time even with shitty traffic and home at a mostly-decent hour. An hour and a half commute is still the pits, though. The job hunt continues!

As I'm finding things I've had in storage for three years, I'm realizing just how random the things I need to replace are. A toaster, a colander, a steamer basket, and a standing lamp. My coffeepot somehow made its way to San Antonio with former roommates, but I should be able to get it back this weekend. I should also get to see the people this weekend!

The washing of everything as it comes out of the boxes is tedious, but manageable. When I get started on the books, though, I'm kind of expecting lots of delays. Looking at every book to determine if I really want to keep it and move it again will not be easy for me. Books were my first and best friends. But digital copies are available and I just don't reread most of what I have. So, a culling.

Family BBQ this weekend! The last huzzah before Sister S. and Niece O. return to school and to celebrate Nephew T.'s first full week back!

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Aug. 21st, 2014 11:08 am
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With Obama vs. the press and whistleblowers, don't watch what Obama says. Watch what he does.

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Aug. 21st, 2014 10:45 am
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No psychiatrist today I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not. I should really get to the doctor so I can sort out my eating and sleeping but we'll see if that actually happens.

I need to try and write or get work. I've been applying for jobs but only one person has been accepting and I get feeling from them.

On the other hand, I have many fic ideas, some of which are original and some fanfic. We'll see which one winds up happening first.

I also want to start reading again. Possibly finish Chimes At Midnight, as I said I would be finishing that before the end of August.

I might try and go out today and work att the mall for a while. I'm not sure it will happen but we'll see
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Posted by Maya

Created by “two moms celebrating real women, real bodies and real self love,” Love Your Lines offers a space for women to embrace their stretch marks. 

The anonymous moms behind the project explained to Mic that they “started the campaign on a whim, after a few discussions about our bodies after motherhood” and hope “to inspire women of all ages, sizes and cultural backgrounds.” Each of the beautiful black-and-white photos includes a caption telling the story of the person who submitted it, and they’ve come from women who got their stretch marks from puberty and illnesses, in addition to pregnancy.

While up to 80 percent of Americans have them, stretch marks, like so many other “imperfections,” are erased in magazines and ads, and the beauty industry sends the message that they’re flaws to be hidden. Many of the submissions describe struggling with feeling embarrassed of the marks but gradually coming to accept them as reminders of life lived, given, and fought for.

“They are part of me and my body’s history,” explained the woman in the photo above. “Like the white lines on an okapi, a creature with lines that travel along its back and front legs, it makes my body just all the more unique.”

“Whoever said stretch marks can’t be sexy was wrong.”

“It took me awhile to really love them, but they really added to my tattoo I think. Permanent just like my son, and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

“Now I’m healthy and fit but these lines will forever be a reminder that I overcame those dark days.”

“Imperfections are what makes us perfect. Easily said, harder to fully embrace…true nonetheless.”

Maya DusenberyMaya Dusenbery is an Executive Director of Feministing.

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post-tags: instagram, crosspost The #sunrise this morning was amazing.
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Posted by Lisa Wade, PhD

@zeyneparsel and Stephanie S. both sent in a link to a new craze in China: peach panties.  I totally made the craze part up — I have no idea about that – but the peach panties are real and there is a patent pending.


I thought they were a great excuse to make a new Pinterest board featuring examples of marketing that uses sex to sell decidely unsexy — or truly sex-irrelevant — things.  It’s called Sexy What!? and I describe it as follows:

This board is a collection of totally random stuff being made weirdly and unnecessarily sexual by marketers who — I’m gonna say it — have run out of ideas.

My favorites are the ads for organ donation, hearing aids, CPR, and sea monkeys.  Enjoy!

Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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Hi, I'm in a weird mood and don't want to sleep, so this is what I do.

What have you recently finished reading?

SO MUCH SEANAN. I did a reread of Indexing, Velveteen Vs the Super Junior Patriots, and the various Newsflesh shorts.

Charming, I do not have the author onhand but it was a Netgalley book that I liked and finally finished. Urban fantasy, kinda a Dresden-ish feel, I have some meh thoughts on it but overall I got pretty into it.

Soooo much fanfiction.

What are you currently reading?

An Artificial Night (reread) and Sparrow Hill Road, both Seanan McGuire, both probably a terrible idea for backroom reading because they make me cry. This is why the read of them is going so painfully slow.

The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making (reread), Catherynne M Valente, also on slow motion because of it will make me cry in public' reasons.

What will you read next?

I want to break into the various books I've picked up at Necro over the years and not read, so I think I'm going to pick one of those to start with.

Chimes at Midnight (reread), Seanan McGuire yet again, because I want to reread it before the next one comes out (two weeeeeks).

Probably more fanfic too; I am rereading whump-filled mostly-kink-meme fic and may go digging into the White Collar guilty pleasures I've collected over the years.
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Spine-related problems are on the rise in India as elsewhere in the world. H S Chhabra, secretary of Association of Spine Surgeons of India (ASSI) and medical director of Indian Spinal Injuries Centre in New Delhi, responds to queries from Kundan Pandey through an email to explain the reasons for this increase and ways to deal with it


imageWhat are the reasons for rising spinal problems among Indians? Is the trend linked to lifestyle?


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