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Sometime around 2012-2013 - just after the apocalypse.

Entirely the fault of me watching Kong yesterday.

“Idu Intinn… kaiju.”

There were times when Cya really could not fault Leo for believing he was an anime hero.

“Okay, guys, it’s got no brain, take it down.”

Of course, times like this, it would probably be more helpful if he thought he was the hero in a Toho flick.

“Taking out its… uh.. forelimbs… watch the ground… now! Abatu Eperu έδαφος gamma.”

She was probably going to hell for thinking so flippantly about it. Then again, they might already all be in hell.
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Happy birthday

Mar. 26th, 2017 10:33 am
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] unovis and [personal profile] lastrega! May it be a joyous one.

aimmyarrowshigh replied to your post

Mar. 26th, 2017 02:26 pm
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via replied to your post “aimmyarrowshigh replied to your post “aimmyarrowshigh replied to…”

ooh i just meant “not a plot device” as a positive “not a dumb Space Deus Ex Machina For Manpain~” kind of thing. (and i didn’t mean to bring any of this up as any kind of criticism or feedback on your kes/shara series, it’s just me in my own brain with my own shara-thoughts unrelated to anything except canon!()

oh gosh I started to write more of a thing there about how awesome it could actually be to use that and how you totally should, and then I got distracted and left like, a half a dismissive sentence there. Not what I meant at all! I totally got where you were going and was there with you! Double thumbs up. On the same page. Bros forever. <3

sugarspiceandcursewords replied to your post “aimmyarrowshigh replied to your post “aimmyarrowshigh replied to…”

You’re not missing a ton of characterization from Shattered Empire. There’s very little of Kes and then just a couple of minor adventures for Shara, once with Leia and once with Luke. It’s decently done but by no means critical to developing either Shara or Kes.

That was what I figured, and every time my finger hovered over the buy button on amazon i was like, I know that I have already seen all the parts of this I actually want to and the rest will probably annoy me, but, for completeness’s sake, i should… mngh blrgh ugh, and so I never bought it.

I have a sort of dirty secret, here, which is that I don’t talk about my fannish interests IRL much at all. Star Wars has been a boon because everyone in the world is very slightly Into It, so making yourself a shirt with an X-Wing on it, and having a BB-8 figurine in your car, is like, baseline normie. 

That and Marvel, actually– I get to bond with little kids over my Captain America jammies, that’s as Into It as anyone in my real life knows I am.

Buying a Star Wars comic book would be, like– admitting that I’m into it, kind of. Which is ridiculous. But anyway.

Nobody in my real life has ever read anything I’ve written. I did give the sister whose apartment I stole for Found Cat a link to the story, but I know she’s never read it so I’m glad I didn’t psych myself out about it too much. 

It makes for being kind of lonely, actually, but. Maybe that’s why I get so overinvested in online feedback, because I just– that’s it, that’s all I get. 

I’m always so jealous when I read other writers talking about their moms being supportive or when readers are like “i read this story with my bestie and we texted about it” and like… I don’t know what that would be like, because I can’t figure out how to open my mouth and talk out loud about these things. I’ve tried– I did tell the farm b-i-l that I write fanfiction sometimes, and i know he told my mother because she said something offhand that made all my insides curl up into excruciating embarrassment and i went to great lengths to be excessively uninteresting about it. My mother would like to be supportive, but her attention is a kind of corrosive thing, to my awareness, and I can’t actually abide it.

There are people who know me IRL who read this, and therefore who must know, but we don’t talk about it and it’s for the best, I would probably melt through the floor with the power of my inability to endure critical attention (even positive critical attention) on my actual self if anyone ever brought it up. 
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tfw you have too many wips and you want to work on all of them at the same exact moment so you spend three weeks toggling between tabs and adding two words to each one in a day and never have an update for anything ever and mostly just waste all your time. Snippets time!

Lost Kings: probably could update, 8k words, Cassian Andor crosses in. But now I have to connect to the events of Rogue One and ANH and I’m just not prepared in my heart for that, and it keeps getting clunky. Also I have to get Poe actually born, and, good lord, I don’t know. It’s all A Lot. 

“I think you do have a sentimental attachment,” K2 said shrewdly, watching him. “I think you’re telling me so I’ll know to watch out for it.”

“I think you don’t know anything about sentiment,” Cassian said, “so maybe you’d better keep your suppositions to yourself.”

“Help me categorize your relationship to this person,” K2 said. “You worked with his father. Was that a professional relationship, a personal relationship, or a romantic relationship?”

“K2,” Cassian said, “I don’t think that’s a fruitful line of speculation.”

“Nonsense,” K2 said. “You taught me to look for people’s emotional connections, that’s how you bring them down.”

“You’re on the wrong track,” he said. “This is a favor to Bail Organa and he picked me because, number one, I was nearby, and number two, I’ll be easier for the grieving mother to take.”

“Because of your sentimental connection,” K2 concluded.

Cassian sighed. “That’s not– fine, K2, sure, it’s a sentimental connection.”

“I knew it,” K2 said smugly. “I knew it!”

Home Out In The Wind: epilogue, Kes/Leia, getting everyone to Yavin IV. Once on Yavin IV, possibly can use this piece, written about a year ago, last updated in September. (Really? Oh my god yes, I looked it up.)

“But first. Okay. Imagine little Jess Pava. I’m just, you know, beginning to, uh, blossom into womanhood, y’know? And I’m having. You know. The feelings. The hormones. All of that. It’s just starting to become a thing.”

“Sure,” Rey said, a little dubiously.

“So little Jess watches that holo,” she said. “And there’s Fake Princess Leia, you know, in the tight white dress, and she has boobs, and no bra on. And you know that’s because of a real historical holopic, right?” She pulled over her datapad and called up the pic in question, which even to this day she still had saved in a convenient place.

The actual, historical Leia Organa popped up, nineteen and gorgeous, lipgloss flawless, in her white dress, holding a blaster up in a ready position, looking alert and dangerous and slender and sure enough, there were her unbound breasts, petite and perky, with just a hint of the peak of one nipple casting the very slightest shadow in the holo. It wasn’t an overtly sexual picture, but it was a very attractive one. The dress wasn’t particularly revealing, it was quite modest, but it draped loosely across her chest and did nothing to conceal the lack of any kind of brassiere or structured bodice underneath.

“Oh,” Rey said. “That’s. That one was in the survey but it was so small I couldn’t tell what the fuss was.”

“That’s the fuss,” Jess said. “So imagine, little baby Jess, who hasn’t quite stopped playing pretend with dolls, only now she has strange feelings in her pants and isn’t sure what to do with them. And so she pretends to herself. What if Princess Leia came to her, instead of to Han Solo? And so she comes in and says, Jessika Pava, I need a pilot to help me defeat the Empire.” She lowered her voice, made it breathy and sultry, and looked down, then up through her lashes at Rey, pushing her chest out a little.

“Help me, Jess,” Jess said to Rey, overdoing it but not so much that she cracked up. “You’re my only hope.”

Rey stared at her a little blankly, but then smiled a little. “Should I pretend to be you?” she asked.

Jess blinked, then grinned in delight, then schooled her features back to pretend-imploring. “I heard nobody can fly an X-Wing like you can, Jess,” she said. “I need you to save me.”

“You heard right,” Rey said, clearly working hard to keep a straight face. “I’m the best pilot there is.”

Jess cracked up, and Rey did too, her whole face opening up into amusement. “You’ve watched porn holos,” Jess said.

“I have seen a couple,” Rey admitted.

“It goes like that,” Jess said. “And sometimes I imagined the adventure to myself, where I’d fight bravely and maybe she’d have to bandage my– I dunno, arm or something, and there was a lot of drama. But then there’d be the grateful aftermath when she’d come to me and she’d take her shirt off and press herself against me all breathlessly, and say–”

Rey cut her off by grabbing her upper arms and pressing herself against her chest. “You saved us all, Jess Pava,” she said, and fuck, it went straight to Jess’s hindbrain, where every fantasy she’d ever had was all melted together with all the others. Rey was so fucking pretty, and her hands were strong and firm and her body was strong and lithe and there was only a hint of softness where her pert little breasts were loosely bound under the shirt she had absolutely stolen from Poe.

“Hnnghh,” Jess said intelligently.

“Should I take my shirt off and do it again?” Rey asked, still pressed against her.

“If you take your shirt off I will die,” Jess said, and her face was hot.

Sled Dog Guy: Cassian and Bodhi’s Romantic Weekend Getaway is all but complete, but I keep getting derailed because #1 the story should end there but I need a good conclusion to set up for the Sequel Where All Shall Be Revealed, #2 the next part is where it crosses in with Found Cat and I don’t really yet know how to do that, and #3 Baze has a collection now of POV scenes that don’t in any way belong in the story but he really keeps pushing. (If for no other reason than to explain why he doesn’t know Chinese Braille, which is a real thing and I know that but never explained that I know that.)


Cassian sounded distressed. “You gotta react, man, you gotta give me something to go on here, don’t look at me like that.”

“I’m not– I can’t just react on command like that,” Bodhi said, “I’m having my worldview expanded, it takes a lot of attention. I hadn’t quite recognized how sheltered I was.”

“I’m expanding your worldview,” Cassian said. “Really?” He squinted incredulously, crinkling his nose, and Bodhi realized Cassian must think of him as worldly or well-traveled, somehow, must think of him as more than he really was.

“I live a very small life,” Bodhi said, a little sadly, “with not much in it really, it doesn’t take much to show me something I’ve never seen before.” It was more vulnerable than he’d planned on getting, just now, and he exhaled with a subdued kind of resignation, folding himself a little smaller.

“Bodhi,” Cassian said, and caught his jaw, hand curling alongside his neck, pulling him up to kiss him tenderly. “Oh– Bodhi, you’re– no, you’re really exceptional, you know that? It doesn’t– no, come here.” He cradled Bodhi’s face in both hands and kissed him, over and over, little soft kisses. Bodhi sort of resisted at first, but his baseline level of arousal was way too high to maintain any kind of cool for long, and after a moment he was pretty well putty in Cassian’s hands.


“Has he vouched for them?” Rey asked darkly. “Or do you just assume he has because he lets them in his house? He’s not that choosy about who he lets in.” She’d taken two weeks to get over the thought of Poe just up and giving Finn a key to his apartment, just like that, and had only really come around to it after Finn had explained some of how sex worked to her. (That wasn’t why Finn had explained it to her, but she’d decided on her own that it seemed like a suitable incentive.)

Finn and Poe had been dating for two months now and had pretty much had all of the sex, including a few of the things Finn had been convinced were just on the list to make the list longer. It turned out that there was some merit to some of those things. Some of them were a lot less interesting than the basic stuff, but there were a few things Poe clearly liked a whole lot more than Finn did, and a thing or two that worked the opposite way, that Finn really enjoyed but that Poe mostly seemed to like because of how Finn liked them.

Rey was still faintly disbelieving about all of it, but Finn could tell she was coming around on the whole concept.

“I think Poe would have been more alarmed about me going anywhere with them if he weren’t in effect vouching for them,” Finn said. “Even if they are operatives for the Order, or one of them is, I doubt they’ll make their move with both of us together.”

“Still,” Rey said.


“You were odd with that boy in Bodhi’s apartment,” Chirrut observed as they picked their way back along the snowy sidewalk. He’d insisted on making Baze walk with him in the snow. He liked to look at it, he said. Baze had given up on making sense of Chirrut, because it all eventually made sense if he didn’t worry about it too much, he’d found.

“Mm,” Baze said. Chirrut was speaking Mandarin, with his adorable accent. Chirrut’s first language was Cantonese, which Baze understood all right but spoke terribly. Chirrut’s Mandarin was passable, but not as good as his flawless English. For the most part, they spoke English to each other. Baze only broke out the Cantonese when Chirrut was badly disoriented; he’d really never learned the language well, and had a terrible accent and worse vocabulary. Chirrut used Mandarin for many purposes, not least of them sex, but mostly for gossip. His favoring of it during sex, however, had the unfortunate effect of having given Baze a kind of Pavlovian response where Chirrut’s accent turned him on. Mostly he could work through it, especially with thirty years of practice under his belt, but Chirrut wasn’t above using it against him. It did make the gossip more interesting, generally, and meant Baze could tolerate more of it than he otherwise would.

also #3b, I’m telling you this guy won’t shut up:

It was, despite being ball-achingly cold, kind of a nice break from jungle environments where things would crawl into the tops of your socks and eat you to death.

Baze considered himself too old for jungle warfare anymore.

BONUS ROUND PART 1: OK the entire bonus round is me possibly oversexualizing Shara but I’m sorry, I write stories with sex in them, I just do, and the one is just about sex, but in a normal fanfic kind of way. The second one I might keep gen, but I haven’t gotten the usual sense of direction from the characters so we’ll see. 

1) The Kes/Leia scene in HOITW made me revisit the very first thing I ever wrote that had Kes Dameron in it. I had started a tiny short story where Han Solo is injured in an obnoxious, not serious, but hard-to-bacta way (broken leg, I figure), and so Leia leaves him behind on Yavin IV while she abducts Shara for an unofficial mission. Kes is there with Turn Down For What Poe, who is 2, and turns down for NOTHING. The dudes bond, that was it, that was the story, I never really wrote it. (But that was when I figured out that Poe hadn’t really exactly been planned, which is what I went with in Lost Kings, and Kes winds up giving Han some advice it turns out to be too late for him to use.)

Anyway. This is when they find out that Leia’s pregnant with Ben. (I have feelings about fantasy contraception, it turns out.) And somehow, this winds up in a foursome. And I’m writing just that part, which is a glorious ode to gratuitous everything. But I’m really writing it. Just, slowly. On the back burner. But someday, I’ll publish it, because it’s over 6k words long now and also great. (also, experiments in present tense. yikes.)

Kes deliberately bites at Han’s fingers on his way in, and Han laughs and gives him a little more space.

It only takes them a moment or two to make Leia lose composure entirely. Shara sits up and watches, avid and bright-eyed. “Look at my husband,” she says to Han, softly, awed.

“He’s real pretty,” Han agrees.

“I wanna watch him fuck her,” Shara says.

Leia writhes in Han’s arms, and shudders violently as she comes, convulsively straightening her legs and arching her back. Kes manages not to get socked in the jaw by her pelvis and rides her out, gentling her with his mouth, murmuring encouragements.

“Fuck,” Han says, “so do I.”

Kes kisses Leia’s thighs as she calms down, and looks up at them. He’s kneeling on the floor. “If I’m good can I get back on the bed?” he asks, amused.

Shara laughs. “Come here, baby,” she says.

and BONUS ROUND PART II which I think I’ll do for for Bodhi Week:

She still couldn’t place him, but he made his way over to her. “Hey,” he said, with a tentative smile. “I’m glad to see you’re doing all right.”

“Yeah,” she said, “thanks,” and then it hit her: he was the honest pilot. “Oh! You! Hey!”

His smile turned shy and pleased. “I wondered if you’d remember me,” he said.

She grabbed his hand. “Of course I do,” she said. “I never learned your name, though.”

He looked startled, but still pleased. “Rook,” he said. “Bodhi. Bodhi Rook.” His hand was cold, in hers; long, tapering fingers, and after a moment, he curled them around hers.

“I’m Shara,” she said. “Shara Bey.”

“I never found out what happened to you,” Bodhi said, looking down a little self-consciously. “I worried, but– I didn’t know who I could ask, you know?”

“Nobody found out it was you who’d told the truth, did they?” Shara asked. “I did worry about that, too.”

“Oh,” he said, looking back up at her– he was really pretty, actually, with enormous dark eyes, luminous and wide, long straight nose, curving mouth, night-black hair; he was almost birdlike, sharp and soft and delicate. “N-no, I– fortunately, I shipped out pretty quick after that, I didn’t have to see any of them specifically again anytime soon. You know, Chak never flew again, they reassigned him to maintenance last I heard.”

“Good,” Shara said fiercely. “He was an asshole.”

“You don’t know the half of it,” Bodhi said, wide-eyed and a little haunted. “He was awful. Really, thank you for what you did; you deserve a medal.”

She laughed. She was still holding his hand, she realized. She did a quick mental calculation: around here, her reputation would stand up to having been seen being friendly with an Imp in uniform. Nobody here particularly knew her, or cared, and there wasn’t any particular strong sentiment either way about the Empire here, no recent atrocities or conscriptions or anything. “Hey,” she said. “Come have a drink with me. I owe you one, at least.”

He gave her a startled look– his eyes were wide, liquid, striking, so dark the irises and pupils nearly blended together in the dim light here– and startlement blended to shy pleasure. “Really?” he said. “I mean– surely it would have done you more good if I’d stuck up for you from the beginning.”

Shara shook her head. “I mean,” she said, “it probably would have just gotten you hurt too, there was no call for that. You did enough.”

Beauty and the Beast

Mar. 26th, 2017 09:53 am
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I went to see this with Emma yesterday, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I've been reading a lot of grousing about everything in this movie from Emma Watson to the music to the yellow dress to the pacing; lots and lots of people are prepared to despise this movie (most of the grousing is from before the movie even aired, naturally). I thought it was pretty great.


Meme from [personal profile] naraht

Mar. 26th, 2017 02:29 pm
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Usual drill: pick one of my fics; pick a question. Fics are here, in descending order of word count to send the drabbles to the bottom.

1: What inspired you to write the fic this way?
2: What scene did you first put down?
3: What’s your favorite line of narration?
4: What’s your favorite line of dialogue?
5: What part was hardest to write?
6: What makes this fic special or different from all your other fics?
7: Where did the title come from?
8: Did any real people or events inspire any part of it?
9: Were there any alternate versions of this fic?
10: Why did you choose this pairing for this particular story?
11: What do you like best about this fic?
12: What do you like least about this fic?
13: What music did you listen to, if any, to get in the mood for writing this story? Or if you didn’t listen to anything, what do you think readers should listen to to accompany us while reading?
14: Is there anything you wanted readers to learn from reading this fic?
15: What did you learn from writing this fic?

(no subject)

Mar. 26th, 2017 09:23 am
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I mean, sure, I woke up at 2:40 this morning and took aleve and then ate 3 cereal bars, but no really, my meal times are totally not fucked up... oh god i don't care what's in it, if i'm eating it before 10am, it counts as breakfast, not lunch.

like, thanks to sleeping pills, no real jet lag issues from the trip, but oh my god, meal times.

but, like, i can't blame the trip for all of this. i spent the early days of this cough (oh god it has early days and later days, that's how long this has gone on) with no real apetite and forcing myself to eat, so i guess now that i'm hungry for all of the things (but only certain textures, naturally) that's good.

fuck imma need to go out and buy more cereal bars. i don't wannnnnna go outside. i went outside yesterday.
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When you think about it, one of the greatest english humorous book series is about two men solving everyone’s problems but especially doing their best to bring couples together and make “true love” triumph.
They also do their best so the two of them can remain unmarried and live together forever in their “cozy bachelor establishment” (the ending of the second to last books is literally the main characters spelling it out for the reader and to each other). Which to me sounds like MAKING TRUE (PLATONIC?) LOVE TRIUMPH.
And the two main charcters are a “mentally negegible” but kind nobleman (who eventually improves himself) and a genius but cold valet (who eventually gains a hearth) and they both get better thanks to their deep devotion to each other. Also their main hobbies are books, music, fashion and doing whatever the hell they want. And bringing couples togethers because they are romantic saps.

Humorous books are rarely taken seriously and it’s a damn shame.

Fic meme from Tumblr

Mar. 26th, 2017 01:33 pm
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This is one of the best fic memes that I've seen. I love most of these questions.

My fic

1: What inspired you to write the fic this way?
2: What scene did you first put down?
3: What’s your favorite line of narration?
4: What’s your favorite line of dialogue?
5: What part was hardest to write?
6: What makes this fic special or different from all your other fics?
7: Where did the title come from?
8: Did any real people or events inspire any part of it?
9: Were there any alternate versions of this fic?
10: Why did you choose this pairing for this particular story?
11: What do you like best about this fic?
12: What do you like least about this fic?
13: What music did you listen to, if any, to get in the mood for writing this story? Or if you didn’t listen to anything, what do you think readers should listen to to accompany us while reading?
14: Is there anything you wanted readers to learn from reading this fic?
15: What did you learn from writing this fic?

Age, sex, and f0

Mar. 25th, 2017 07:56 pm
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Posted by Mark Liberman

I've recently been working with Naomi Nevler and others from Penn's Frontotemporal Degeneration Center on quantifying the diverse effects in speech and language of various neurodegenerative conditions. As part of an effort to establish baselines, I turned to the English-language part of the "Fisher" datasets of conversational telephone speech (LDC2004S13, LDC2004T19, LDC2005S13, LDC2005T19), where we have basic demographic information for 11,971 speakers, including age and sex. These datasets comprise 11,699  short telephone conversations between strangers on assigned topics, or 23,398 conversational sides, with a total duration of 1,958.5 hours. The calls were recorded in 2003.

For this morning's Breakfast Experiment™, I took a look at age-related changes in pitch range, as quantified by quantiles of fundamental frequency (f0) estimates. We have time-aligned transcripts, so after pitch-tracking everything, I can extract the f0 estimates for each speaker, combine them across calls if the speaker was involved in more than one call, and calculate various simple statistics. Here are the median values for the 90th, 50th, and 10th percentile of f0 estimates by decade of age from 20s to 70s. Values for female speakers are in red, and for male speakers in blue:

Here's the same data presented as semitones relative to 55 Hz.:

The basic trend is clear: pitch polarization by sex decreases with age, with male pitch quantiles going up and female pitch quantiles going down.  The effects are moderate in size, with female quantiles being 8-9 semitones above males for speakers in their 20s, whereas female speakers are about 5-6 semitones above males for speakers in their 70s.  A 3 semitone change is equal to about 19% ((2^(1/12))^3 ≅ 1.189).

Here are the Female – Male differences, in semitones

     20s  30s  40s  50s  60s  70s
Q90  8.40 7.64 7.05 6.87 6.52 5.47
Q50  8.93 8.23 7.63 7.67 7.15 6.10
Q10  7.82 7.26 6.85 6.61 5.93 5.00

Of course, the summary graphs above hide a lot of individual variation. Here are all the individual data points plotted for the same three quantiles as a function of age, with lowess lines added:

The more extreme scattering is probably due to octave errors in the pitch tracking — I set the minimum F0 to 50 and the maximum to 500 for all speakers, which permits or even encourages period doubling and halving.

As usual with data that shows age grading, we might be looking at a life-cycle effect — the behavior of individuals changes as they get older, whether due to biology or to culture — or at a historical development — gender polarization decreases over the decades, but the behavior of older people continues to be influenced by the norms they grew up with. The fact that the age effect for females and males goes in opposite directions makes it unlikely that some simple physical explanation like loss of tissue elasticity will work, though change in hormone levels remains a possible story.

Further technical details: I used a variant of the get_f0 pitch tracker, based on David Talkin's RAPT algorithm, set to generate 200 estimates per second. Widely varying amounts of speech were available per speaker, ranging from around 21 seconds (4156 frames) to about 38 minutes (460,832 frames), with a median value of 9.9 minutes (119,169 frames).

Some relevant earlier posts:

"Nationality, gender, and pitch", 11/12/2007
"Mailbag: F0 in Japanese vs. English", 11/13/2007
"How about the Germans?", 11/14/2007
"Sexy baby vocal virus", 8/15/2013
"Biology, sex, culture, and pitch", 8/16/2013

Update — Anne Cutler sends in a link to a longitudinal study: Alison Russell,  Lynda Penny, and Cecilia Pemberton. "Speaking fundamental frequency changes over time in women: a longitudinal study." Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research 38, no. 1 (1995): 101-109. The abstract:

Archival recordings of the human voice are a relatively untapped resource for both longitudinal and cross-sectional research into the aging voice. Through the availability of collections of old sound recordings, speech pathologists and voice scientists have access to a wealth of data for research purposes. This article reports on the use of such archival data to examine the changes in speaking fundamental frequency (SFF) in a group of Australian women's voices over the past 50 years, and discusses the benefits and problems associated with using archival data. Recordings made in 1945 of women were compared with recordings of the same women made in 1993 to investigate the changes in SFF with age. The results demonstrate a significant lowering of SFF with age in this group of Australian women. The implications for the interpretation of cross-sectional data on the aging voice, the use of archival data in voice research, and the need for further research using archival data are discussed.

And here's their Figure 1, presenting the results:

The ages are comparable to the span in the Fisher data — in 1945 the women recorded were 18-25 years old, so in 1993 they would have been 66-73.

But the change that they report is much greater. The mean F0 for our 20-something women is 208.9 Hz, and for the 70-something women 190.1 Hz. Their "mean SFF" ("speech fundamental frequency") was 229.0 Hz for the 1945 recordings, and 181.2 Hz for the 1993 recordings.

What might explain these differences?

There are a few obvious candidates. The Australian women were reading sentences, not participating in conversations; and the 1945 recordings, dating from before the advent of tape recorders, were made on "acetate-coated steel discs". We're not told anything about the microphone placement and other recording configuration issues, but it's well known that physiological arousal, background noise level, and perceived interlocutor distance are associated with changes in vocal effort and thus fundamental frequency (see e.g. "Raising his voice", 10/8/2011;"Debate quantification: How MAD did he get?", 10/29/2016; "MLK day: Pitch range", 1/16/2017).  In 1945, the experience of reading into a fancy microphone in a sound-treated booth connected to a high-tech steel disc recorder would have been novel — most likely the subjects had never been recorded before and had never even seen recording equipment — and the effect might well have been exciting enough to raise F0 by 10% or so.

There might also be relevant cultural differences — see e.g. "Nationality, gender, and pitch", 11/12/2007. And the very different methods of F0 estimation might also have some consequences.

But anyhow, the direction of the effect is the same. And there are some other longitudinal datasets (e.g. LDC2013S05) that would be worth consulting, some other morning…

Tables of 2017 Jukebox canons

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See below the cut for all music sources. Thank you very much to everyone for following the nominations format carefully or for submitting links; I wasn't sure I'd be able to get these tables to you by (my) bedtime tonight, but I'm really pleased that I could, thanks to you.

The first table, ordered by song title, is alphabetised as carefully as I can manage. The second table, ordered by artist name, uses quick-and-dirty spreadsheet sorting alphabetization.

Please comment to let me know of any errors or to help me fill gaps in the tables. After at least 24 hours for perusal and corrections, I will open sign-ups.

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FFA DW Post # 627 - Placeholder

Mar. 26th, 2017 12:20 pm
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New Rule updates:
-All US Politics must stick to one thread.
-For a wide variety of reasons, no deliberate variant fonts, no emoji in the thread titles. You can use them in the comment, but not in the thread title.

All the [community profile] fail_fandomanon Rules and Information (and Ban Requests): The short version: no embeds, don't out people's real names, don't be that much of an asshole, body fluids are off topic, Mods reserve the right to freeze, screen, and delete the fuck out of stuff. FFA discussion covers a wide variety of topics and has a very flexible view of 'fandom' that includes politics, current events, and cooking techniques. FFA is a Choose NOT to Warn experience. Meme away.

Other posts and resources relevant to your interests:

NB: Meme rules do not require spoiler cuts/white-text/etc. Though, if you want to use spoiler cuts, a wonderful nonnie found a way to add them to DW. Just use the code below.
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See here for a detailed explanation and caveats.

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Check Please!

Mar. 26th, 2017 10:05 am
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Last night, in search of stuff that was 'like' (for a given value of 'like') Yuri!!! on Ice, I stayed up late reading through Check Please from the beginning.

Rather than explain it in depth, I'll just link to this (spoilery) primer: The Queer Hockey Bros Webcomic You Should Be Reading.

I enjoyed it and found it a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours. Although my current assessment is "doesn't hold a candle to YoI," I remember that my first assessment of YoI on Dreamwidth was the notably lukewarm "I may be kind of enjoying it... the romance is rather sweet." Interestingly, although the relationship between Jack and Bitty in Check Please has zero ambiguity, we see less of its development than we do of the relationship between Victor and Yuuri. I felt that the narrative skips over a lot, but I suppose that just leaves space for fandom to fill in. There definitely seems to be some good fic available, and a surprising amount of it – over 5000 works!

More observations:
• It's an achievement that this managed to make me feel sympathetic about hockey bros. To be fair, they're Massachusetts liberal arts college bros, who may be a slightly different breed.
• Unlike YoI, this is set in a universe where homophobia exists, but embedded within a basically homophobia-free college and sports team. I feel like we're going to get a collision with the wider world soon, as the characters are closeted beyond the sphere of friends and family, and wonder how it's going to turn out.
• It's interesting how this has many of the same themes as YoI but combined in different ways. YoI if Victor had Yuuri's anxiety and JJ's pushy Canadian family.

In conclusion, or perhaps in a complete derail, I really want to read a proper longfic from someone who knows their sports where Victor ends up going into hockey instead of figure skating. Including his journey from KHL to NHL. It would be most obvious to have him playing for SKA Saint Petersburg – which means he'd still be based at Yubileyny Sports Palace! – but I love the names of some of the other teams. Metallurg Magnitogorsk, Traktor Chelyabinsk, Lokomotiv Yaroslavl. Victor is slightly shorter than the average NHL player (though they'd probably just lie and say he was 6 feet even), and certainly a good deal lighter, but the latter would be mainly down to the difference in training regimens. Anyway, it would be interesting, but very much not something that I could write.

ETA: Dear God, I just realised that 'Check Please!' has an exclamation point in its title too. This really is a metric of how gay a source text is, isn't it?

ETA 2: Evgeni Plushenko plays hockey on an amateur team! How did I not know this? So interesting.

State of the shopfront

Mar. 26th, 2017 09:23 am
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Accidental mini-hiatus happened - I've still been catch up reading periodically, but tend to be very comment-not when I read in a big chunk like that, but if you've been making Important Posts I am here and lurking and thinking of/cheerleading/hugging you all.

Accidental because my entire reason and excuse is - SPRING! I remain endlessly fascinated by the seasons changing here and I am just agog with sunshine and flowers and suddenly I woke up one day and the world looked a little different. :D :D :D I am relishing the sunlight but already kinda missing the colder temperatures? To my great surprise? 10-15 degrees feels oddly comfy to me now (what even with the super fast acclimatisation body) and the idea of summer now slightly fills me with dread.

Dot points of me right now:
  • I have been cooking up a storm including refreshing my decade old super rusty fish filleting skills and it's been oh so fun. I really need to make some recipe posts here...

  • reading not as much as I'd like but using my kindle more yay, also signed up for kindle unlimited to give myself a kick in the butt... so any kindle unlim recs you may have feel free to throw my way!

  • I seem to have stalled myself out writing wise with fic exchanges, which is... strange and weird for me. I guess I don't normally have oodles of personal ideas I want to write at the same time, so I've never understood why challenges stall some people out and for all the times I've looked confusedly at someone for complaining about this phenomena I apologise wholeheartedly. *pokes the muse forlornly*

  • I finally ordered some candles online, cause online shopping is exceedingly superior here oh my god, and they are gorgeous and glorious. May still end up begging for Dusk care packages from home when my birthday rolls around, but I am amply tided over (thank you [personal profile] dolorosa_12 for the rec!)

  • actually considering doing some gardening. For those that don't know me in RL: this is strange and weird but I may embrace it. I wanna grow heeeeerbs.

  • this will mean nothing to most/all of you, but I just locked down trades for TWO 2g Prizes on Dragcave (which are hard to get just one of let alone two in quick succession, and I never thought I'd get one at all except for my single 2g gifted to me by a truly generous Prize owner last year) and I am LITERALLY BOUNCING WITH JOY omg.

  • Everytime I see someone talk positively or neutrally about Iron Fist I am filled with genuine, frustrated rage.

  • Everytime I see someone talk about Trump and healthcare I am filled with exceeding amounts of glee (congrats on successfully resisting! US folks reading this, the rest of the world is super proud of you right now.)

  • if not sooner then I should be around more in a week or two once I'm over the worst of this writing crunch. But as always PM/email/comment pokes and hellos are welcome if I've missed something important.

Sunday 26/03/2017

Mar. 26th, 2017 09:53 am
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1) I made tiny cakes yesterday and had one for breakfast this morning.

2) Clear blue sky and the wind has almost disappeared.

3) Dinner at my parents's place.

good morning, it's 26 march 2017

Mar. 26th, 2017 12:31 am
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The day after.

I've talked about the six month, the two year, and the four year wars. This may be the beginning of the end of the six-month war. It is, at very least, the end of the beginning: elected Republicans are no longer universally afraid of the Trumpists, and are no longer lining up behind him and his movement. The neofascist movement is still very much alive and very, very dangerous, as a whole, and this is one of the longer wars, but this goal - of capturing the entire government functionally unhindered out of the electoral box - has been smashed.

Not that they won't keep trying, of course. The six-month war is not over. But the skies - for the moment - are clear over London.

So let's look at what happened. "Pence: Trump 'won't rest' until ObamaCare repealed" - as I said, they won't stop trying. But "Inside the Trumpcare meltdown," we learn that "Steve Bannon Thought He Could Bully Republicans On Health Care. He Couldn't." The steamroller has broken down. It's a Democrat saying it, but "Dem rep: 'We must pause the entire Trump agenda' until Russia investigation complete" - that's not going to happen, because there's far too much consolidation of power going on inside the executive branch that he's managing simply by not appointing people. (See: the two year war.) But it can be talked about.

As fallout, "Trump asked his supporters to watch Fox News host. She then called on Paul Ryan to step down." There's barely any attempt to keep up a united facade now. This will further hurt the legislative agenda, but will not hurt the continuing personalisation of rule and the executive branch. If anything, it will help it. But, again - the two year war.

The investigations continue - and perhaps, if the Republican civil war ramps up, they will become useful leverage for the establishment GOP, and something might happen. "AP Exclusive: US probe of ex-Trump aide extends to Cyprus" is following the Russian money. "Boris Epshteyn, Trump TV Surrogate, Is Leaving White House Job" - his style was very much of Putin's Russia, and now he's being levered out. The CBC report that "A former NSA analyst says the Russia investigations could end Donald Trump's presidency," and there are rumours from a "CNN analyst: Sources say Mike Flynn may have turned on Trump and become a witness for the FBI."

What they were building for, of course, is their ult attack - a broad racial-religious war against Arabic Muslims. That's still the biggest card they have in their hand. And they haven't forgot it, not for a minute. "Civilian deaths from US-led airstrikes hit record high under Donald Trump" shouldn't be ignored. "U.S. Investigating Mosul Strikes Said to Have Killed Up to 200 Civilians" - the US is claiming procedures haven't changed, but the rise in civilian death toll is staggering, and other local sources say US procedures have changed. Finally, a US senator says, "Trump Is Dragging Us Into Another War... And No One Is Talking About It."

We most certainly are.

Possibly tangential, possibly related: "Five months, eight prominent Russians dead." Clean-up, consolidation, or coincidence?

Before this administration, this would've been the biggest headline: "Senate to vote on Neil Gorsuch nomination to Supreme Court in first week of April in a political clash with big ramifications." We need to force a loss here, or a rules change, because I'm confident that the Republicans will change the filibuster rules as soon as a judicial filibuster is used against them; they're a paper tiger at best, now, and more likely, an excuse to inaction. Or so it seems to me. Obviously, I'm not on the ground.

Before this administration, this would've been in "news of the weird" territory only, but we are where we are: "Alex Jones Admits He Blew It With Pizzagate Allegations, Sort Of." I don't think that'll bother the conspiracy goons.

Finally, a couple of cultural warfare stories of import: "Transgender passengers uneasy about TSA shift on pat-downs." and "Utah's governor signs abortion-halting legislation." The headline on the latter is misleading; the bill requires doctors to tell women taking RU-486 and similar drugs that if they only take one pill the abortion can still be halted. There is no medical evidence for this of which I'm aware, and I can't see it being a good idea. But, well, those are facts, and considering facts to be the problem...

...well, that is, in and of itself, part of the problem.

Good luck out there.

It's March 26, 2017; this is the news )

Comic for March 26, 2017

Mar. 26th, 2017 11:59 pm
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