You want to smother in all that hate?

Jan. 28th, 2015 12:53 am
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Posted by Fred Clark

• “I think Todd Starnes is mistaking Jesus for … well … not Jesus.”

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker gets dropkicked. This keeps happening. Right-wing politicians keep getting slammed by lefty musicians for trying to co-opt their music. I understand why the musicians are upset, but I don’t understand what the politicians are thinking. Why would an extremely anti-union Republican governor want to associate with a Woody Guthrie song recorded by a fiercely pro-union Celtic punk band? What part of Woody Guthrie does Walker not understand?

Bill Hicks’ 12 Rules for Blogging. (Technically, these are Hicks’ “12 Principles of Comedy,” but, still, it applies.)

ElmwoodPark• “Using provocative contrarianism to attract attention and then whining when people take the bait is not very sympathetic behavior.”

• “When Eugene ‘Bull’ Connor was not attacking unarmed children … he taught Sunday school.”

• In our new Republican Senate, the former Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights will now simply be called the Subcommittee on the Constitution — no more “civil rights and human rights” in the name. Similarly, what had been the subcommittee for Immigration, Refugees and Border Security has abandoned any reference to refugees and is now just the subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest.

• Publisher HarperCollins Christian and the Burpo family want everyone to know that they have no intention of retracting the miraculous story of their best-selling book Heaven Is for Real. Sure, that other Christian-brand publisher’s Fiji Mermaid turned out to be a hoax, but theirs is the real deal. Warren Throckmorton relays this news, skeptically.

Mike Huckabee and David Barton will both be speaking at a one-day conference in March just up the road at Lancaster Bible College. This may be the most exciting thing to happen at Lancaster Bible since the school’s 4-2 triumph in a men’s basketball game against Northeastern Bible College. (Yes: 4-to-2. The shot-clock was introduced for a reason.)

Sorrow waited, sorrow won

Jan. 27th, 2015 04:01 pm
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Trying to write two stories, make a vid for Escapade, and thinking about other vids I want to make, and it all feels like too much. I got another one of those emails I get from time to time, where someone comments on how much they liked a story but they can't believe that it doesn't have more kudos/bookmarks, and that always depresses me something fierce. I know it's a lovely compliment that someone thinks your work deserves more, but it also starts to remind you, time after time, that you are in that situation.

It's a lot like when I was young and just starting out as a writer, and I'd send out stories that always came back with personal notes from the editors about the quality of the stories, along with the rejection that (usually) it wasn't what they were looking for. People in my writing group were always, wow, I never get personal notes from the editors! And I was like, yeah, you know, the first couple times it's cool, but then you realize that it's all still a rejection (after rejection, after rejection). The first time I ever got an acceptance, I almost threw it away, because I thought it was a note from the editor about the rejection.

I've been trying really hard to think about this wonderful post from [personal profile] sperrywink and just concentrate on my own efforts to put forth what I want to see in the world, or think about [personal profile] destina making dolphin noises (waves at destina), but I do really get torpedoed sometimes. A lot lately, because I feel like I'm writing and vidding into a void--fandom's always been about participation and communication for me, and once I lost my fic website a couple years ago, all my fic's been on AO3. Try as I might, I've never been able to develop conversations with people there the way I have been on LJ/DW/email, or on Tumblr (I mean, certainly if you have a lot of followers on Tumblr, you could, but that's not my world). I've met a lot of great people in those spaces in the past, and even recently, because I wrote them a comment on their fic or vid, or they wrote to me, but it doesn't seem like you get that on Tumblr or on AO3, and a lot of those friends have been lost to attrition lately. Although, really, yeah, it could very well be a referendum on the quality of the work, and that's definitely the place my depression-mind goes to.

I think too the isolation of not having a lot of friends left/friends who are into the same thing I am compounds that. There are so many stories floating around in my head right now, so many vids, and it's a struggle to get past the why bother. Especially when I can't seem to get them to come out right, like the vid for Escapade feels (ugh, I keep looking at the timeline and wondering if I can ever make a good vid again, let alone a good Steve/Bucky vid) or the stories ("you're keeping the outfit" porn should not be this difficult!) have been lately.

I should probably shut the comments off on this, because people will think I'm fishing for compliments and I am not fishing for compliments, seriously, but I don't know, maybe there's someone else out there in the depresso-ball pit too who'd like a safe space to talk about that, so I guess I will keep them open. Or maybe you have some cool tricks, like sperrywink, to remind yourself that it's the creating that matters and you are more than welcome to share them with me.

Cho and Feldman win Crawford Award

Jan. 28th, 2015 12:28 am
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I’ve stolen the headline of the Locus piece for this post because it makes me feel so weird and official. I am the Cho that has won the Crawford Award! It’s for Spirits Abroad, tied with Stephanie Feldman for her novel The Angel of Losses. (Which sounds super cool, and I can think of several people on my friends list who might be interested in it. If they haven’t already read it!)

I’m unbelievably chuffed to be in a list of winners including Karen Lord, Sofia Samatar and Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. And Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels trilogy! Imagine Spirits Abroad being on the same list as the Black Jewels books. What more is there to say!

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"What’s your favorite thing about the 21st century?"


I keep seeing this on my dash with tags “until the end of the line” for Steve/Bucky. But why has nobody pointed out that the Brooklyn Bridge station is the end of the line? The 6 line.

[ SECRET POST #2946 ]

Jan. 27th, 2015 07:20 pm
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It has decided to be very powdery on me today. Powdery, with a slight touch of soap, wood, and fruit. Very light on the fruit. Hmm. Florals are starting to come out.

This may be the scent I decided to wear for the day, having decided I needed to wear something, but I'm not entirely sure it suits my mood. I just felt like I shouldn't go default to A Quiet Morning again.
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Okay, note to self, fics to write:
  • Gabe and the train
  • Winter Widow anything
  • Steve and his new body
  • All these, which are great

    Worked from home today, even if I probably didn't strictly have to; sounds like pretty much everyone did. The snow doesn't look so bad from my window, and I was thinking of pushing into a training run, buuuuut the temperature is "feels like 14F," so, maybe not. Working from home does mean I'm not up at [ profile] isjustprogress' place to watch Agent Carter live, which is a bummer, alas, but I will make do. (Apparently A THING is happening tonight, in addition to the teaser stuff I've seen! UGH, KNUCKLE-BITING, I REALLY LOVE AND NEED THIS SHOW, PLEASE KEEP BEING GREAT AND GET RENEWED. Ahem.)

    I... also rewatched The First Avenger last night and love it all even more. This is a terrible ongoing spiral and I'm going to roll around in it until Age of Ultron pleases or displeases me.

    Things are slow. Turns out it really is Chrome that's making my computer panic every time I use it, woecakes. Safari is way weird to get used to again.
  • まるです。

    Jan. 28th, 2015 07:57 am
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    Posted by mugumogu

    Hey Maru, why do you stop with such a defenseless pose?

    Maru:[I confirm internal security carefully.]

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    Signed, keeps smelling something on my hand and thinking, "Oh, that's very nice!" and then remembering it's Carmex, as I went unscented today.


    Totally accepting recs for Carmex-scented perfumes, with the caveat that all BPAL except Luperci goes straight to a Yankee Candle place on me, drat it.
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    I woke up this morning with a lot of thoughts about Steve Rogers and the 21st century. This is not an unusual occurrence considering I usually read fic before going to sleep, but I decided today’s thought might be worth sharing.

    I agree with most people that Steve would not spend very long being completely confused by 21st century technology. He’s a smart guy, so after some initial fumbling and information overload, I’m sure he’d be able to adapt just fine (I also haven’t really seen much of the bumbling-tech-illiterate Steve Rogers that seems to make people on Tumblr so angry…maybe I’m just reading the right fics, but whatever).

    There is one thing that has come with all of our various communication methods that I could easily see rubbing Steve the wrong way though: we are never really out of touch. There is an expectation in our culture that we should always be able to be reached. There’s no excuse for not responding to a message because there are so many ways to send and receive messages. It’s actually extraordinarily difficult to unplug.

    I’m not saying Steve would be one of those “turn off your cell phone and actually have a conversation” kind of people. I think he would value the ease of conversation, especially in battle and emergency situations. But I also think he might find it frustrating to never really have time to himself.

    Think about it – imagine if Steve Rogers, Captain America, just went incommunicado for an afternoon. Imagine how other people would react if he just stopped responding to texts or didn’t pick up when they called. I mean, I’m sure Nat would understand his need to disconnect every once in a while, but he has enough people who care about him and are completely used to always being in communication with their friends that I could totally see them getting really worried. And Steve seems like the kind of person who would feel like he needed to always be available. He would feel that responsibility to always be reachable, which would make it even harder.

    He could never just disappear for the afternoon the way he would have been able to in the 1930s. Sure, Bucky might be at home worrying about him, but he wouldn’t be sending him texts and asking him to check in. It would be much easier for Steve to ignore that responsibility and go blow off some steam in that context than I think it would be in modern day. I think it’s something that would eventually begin to chafe.

    I’m just really intrigued by the difficulty of finding yourself launched into an unfamiliar future. Sure, Steve adapts and of course he would be on board with things like modern medicine and the usefulness of the internet. But I also think his character can be a really interesting way to explore things about our modern culture that we don’t even really think about. 

    Things I'd Love to See

    Jan. 27th, 2015 03:39 pm
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    From [ profile] scribble_myname:

    You know that meme that goes around sometimes where you post your five favorite kinks and then five favorite couples, and it's like a wish into the universe to see if anybody will write it for you? Let's make it a little more interactive.

    Comment here if you want to play, and I will give you 3-6 couples that I associate with you, and you make an entry in your journal talking about those couples and fics that you wish the universe would write for you.
    She gave me three of my OC pairings (Tom/Jen, Wes/Jesse, Denny/Laurie) but I don't have any particular wishes of things I'd like to see people write about them. They're mostly too unfinished to request anything for, especially Jesse & Wes because I'm still working on their story. But she also gave me these three fictional pairings:
    • Rogue/Remy
    • Clint/Natasha
    • Tris/Four
    Rogue/Remy: I am the proud author of exactly one Rogue fic and zero Remy fics. I haven't spent a lot of time analyzing the pairing or dreaming about them, and I don't actually even know Remy very well as a character. But from what I do know, both characters are shrouded in painful secrets. I mean, Rogue can't even touch someone, for heaven's sake. I would be really interested in a fic where the both of them have no choice but to drop their façades and be completely honest with each other, with full understanding of how risky that is for each of them. I wouldn't care if it was mostly psychological profile and very little action, but man, would I love to see both of them have one hell of an emotional reaction to each others' honesty.

    As far as Clint/Natasha goes... I'm more a fan of the pairing by osmosis than by anything else. As far as I'm concerned The Avengers in general are hellaciously ridiculous, and I love that. They battle giant aliens! They have to learn to work together, like it or not! They have all sorts of unexpected and unintended interactions. I think it would be really fun to see a fic for these two that was the equivalent of a rip-roaring adventure on the high seas. They can be bros, they can be romantically involved--I just want to see the adventure, and watch them learn to respect one another's abilities. Maybe even learn from each other.

    Tris/Four: They need a fix-it fic in the worst way. I don't mean a post-canon fix-it fic, I mean a mid-canon fix-it fic. Tobias is such a crud to Tris so much of the time that I can't really see why she falls for him. So he's afraid of heights. So what. So she learns his fear landscape--so what. What has he done for her lately? If someone could write a fic that was so heavy with emotional content (told from either POV, I'm not picky) that it actually made sense of their relationship and brought it home to roost, I would be so happy. A really well-done missing scene from somewhere in Dauntless HQ would do it nicely.

    [Random] On the plus side...

    Jan. 27th, 2015 03:35 pm
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    Having my passport in hand today (proof that I can work in the US for a temp pool at the University) did NOT end in me spontaneously heading for the border in a fit of "ALL MY PEOPLE ARE OLD AND DYING AND I MUST SEE THEM!" or anything like that.



    Was pretty tempted.

    Not like I'd have done so. There is, after all, a child to pick up from school and all that. Plus a phone interview tomorrow for which I need to prepare, though that wasn't scheduled yet.

    Also, the nearest close relations are in Langley, which, while a very doable day trip, isn't exactly something to do spur of the moment. "HELLO, ELDERLY RELATIVES! I MISS YOU AND WISH TO PARTAKE OF YOUR HOSPITALITY AND HAVE FAILED TO GIVE YOU ADVANCE NOTICE!"

    This does mean I need to convince my parents it's time to go up for a visit again, though.

    They're all in their 80s now, except for my parents, who will be 79 this year.

    Ah, the perils of having the entire extended family living in another country, and one with a weaker dollar. You're always the one going and seeing them. One cousin's kid has talked about coming down for a visit, but she keeps relying on Facebook chat, and I'm never on the thing, so it hasn't happened. (My cousins are all about a decade to a decade and a half older than me, except for the one I've never met and don't believe exists, who is maybe 7 or 8 years older. I'm closer in age in many cases to their kids. Closer in tastes, at least.)

    This bout of melancholy brought to you by the letters C, A, and D. (Also, by the fact that I swear every conversation about the people in the motherland with my mother turns into, "And so and so won't be coming out of hospital from the sounds of things." or "Aunt [insert one here] called, and [insert partner of relative by marriage or family of relative by marriage] has [insert horrible disease of the elderly here].")


    PS, 15,400 words. Go team?

    On the one hand, if I get this job, I have to leave my house and do a horrible commute to icksville.

    On the other hand, not connected to the evil empire, and I would have perfume money again. So.

    My Turn, OCs

    Jan. 27th, 2015 03:34 pm
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    Gacked from [ profile] scribble_myname:

    If you know what character(s) you want, you can pick, or you can describe a character and I'll snag my closest match.

    send me a number 1-60 (or hey, I'm easy, send more than one number if you want) and i'll answer the questions with one of my ocs

    (I'm adding this) also if there's a burning question you have about one of my ocs and it's not on this list, go ahead and ask it!

    1: what's your ocs favorite color?
    2: where does your oc work?
    3: what's your ocs favorite food?
    4: does your oc prefer paper or plastic?
    5: how old is your oc?
    6: does your oc have any supernatural powers?
    7: is your oc in a relationship?
    8: what are some of your ocs strengths?
    9: what are some of your ocs weaknesses?
    10: what is your ocs favorite outfit?
    11: what is your ocs spirit animal?
    12: is your oc sexually active?
    13: what is your ocs earliest memory?
    14: does your oc have a cell phone? if so, what kind?
    15: what makes your oc angry?
    16: when is your ocs favorite time of year?
    17: how long can your oc hold their breath?
    18: what kind of underwear does your oc wear?
    19: does your oc prefer plaid or polka dots?
    20: what's your ocs favorite kind of pizza?
    21: who is your ocs best friend?
    22: has your oc ever killed someone?
    23: whats your ocs biggest secret?
    24: what does your oc smell like?
    25: what time of year does your oc prefer?
    26: is your oc a human or an animal? (or something else idk)
    27: what languages does your oc speak?
    28: does your oc like anime?
    29: can your oc swim?
    30: what does your oc choose to do about the, er, hair down there?
    31: does your oc believe in fairies?
    32: did your oc go to college? what did they major in?
    33: are your ocs parents dead?
    34: is your oc religious?
    35: how flexible is your oc?
    36: what turns your oc on?
    37: what was your ocs first word?
    38: does your oc have any pets?
    39: who is your ocs biggest enemy?
    40: what is the craziest thing your oc has done?
    41: what is your ocs motto about life?
    42: does your oc drink coffee or tea?
    43: who is your ocs biggest hero?
    44: what color eyes does your oc have?
    45: does your oc like reading?
    46: is your oc loyal?
    47: does your oc tolerate violence?
    48: what social class is your oc from?
    49: what country was your oc born in?
    50: does your oc cry easily?
    51: what is your ocs favorite genre of music?
    52: how does your oc feel about insects?
    53: what is your ocs sexual orientation?
    54: does your oc smoke?
    55: what gender is your oc?
    56: what kind of clothes does your oc wear?
    57: would you call your oc adventurous?
    58: is your oc introverted or extroverted?
    59: what is the first thing that someone would notice about your oc?
    60: does your oc enjoy nature?

    (no subject)

    Jan. 27th, 2015 10:36 pm
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    I'm waiting for my flatmate to finish showering so I can brush my teeth and go to sleep, sooooo hi! My first day working a freelance but semi normal job went well! The alarm woke me up before Bethany did, and I did get there on time (running ten minutes behind, but my train switched branches and I was meeting someone a bit before work to figure out how to get to the off- shit, I need to check the map for tomorrow*), but I also saw that they're not massive sticklers for punctuality so I don't need to freak out over train delays if they happen, though I'm kind of freaking out at the £2.90 peak tube fare. That's a whole £60 for the two weeks I'm there. Jesus. (I was counting on £50, but still. That's more for a one-way ride than I spend at Starbucks.)

    It was about an hour until someone briefed me on what I had to do, but everything is Photoshop-based with a bit of InDesign in so I can do it. It's a whole lot of webpage mockups, that's all I'm doing this week, and next week I'll be turning case study pages into print brochures and I don't know what else they need but apparently my ten days are solid. I'm perfectly on track at the moment as per the timeline they gave me — I got started and got two pages of the website out of the way today. I need to make a proper list and some notes for myself so I tossed one of my old notebooks into my bag for tomorrow because it totally didn't occur to me to take one today, a+ thinking. Didn't really need it, but still.

    AJ treated me to a venti vanilla latte AND lunch at Chipotle (my first time there; I never really go anywhere I have to pay over £3 for anything), and I never say no to people paying for my things so I went with it. It was pretty nice. She was super friendly and she's actually next to me on an eight-person table (which is one of three tables in a room in kind of an odd building). I've got my back to a wall so that's nice. I would have felt weird having my back to the public space, and it was already weird working in an office where there were other people.

    It was also weird being supposed to focus on one thing all day. I actually dicked around the Internet a lot as usual but I also got stuff done, and even stuff for my own freelance work while I was waiting on things. I actually revised a media kit for someone before the briefing, and halfway through the day they got back to me all, "additional pages? I'm not paying for any more pages! I already paid for the ones I waited a month to receive! You should be grateful I'm not reporting you to Etsy and Paypal!" and I FUCKING FREAKED OUT even though to be completely honest it would not have killed me not to get the £60 but I'm REALLY FRAGILE and my stomach sinks at the drop of a hat. Also I was in the right — they hadn't paid what they were supposed to AND they'd purchased a listing with a 3-4 week turnaround time; this was not one of my delayed projects — but that's not really a deterrent when clients are assholes.

    It worked out this time, and they got back to me with an apology and an explanation (the transaction they thought was to me was to a SEO company), but I wasn't able to recover from the freakout and by 5 PM I was suppressing a fit of cry-laughing because I medicated yesterday and didn't want to do it again today. I also had a headache. Which has stuck around.

    I got out of there at 6:30 because once again the person who was supposed to see how I'd done at 5 PM was busy until 6, probably because holy god, he does not shut up. I liked him fine, but he way overexplained the simplest things I'd already said I understood, repeatedly in cases, and it was such a time waste.

    Anyway, it worked out okay despite the incredible weirdness of working alongside other people, being supposed to focus on the company, being exhausted by 4 PM because I'm not used to waking up so early or not brushing my teeth (I need to take my toothbrush there tomorrow) and the fact that as usual it took me two hours to regroup (or... group?) before I got started on anything, but it really was fine and it got me thinking I could handle a normal job. Though I'd really prefer it to be part-time. I got home at 7 PM and I was super tired and just like, cleaned my room and finally organized my jewelry (made a list for my Instagram thing too) and skyped my mom and now I'm here about to go to bed.

    So I think I'll survive it. At least I'm allowed to medicate tomorrow! Also, I tweeted that if today went well I was going to make a doctor's appt to get back on antidepressants and I'm... considering it. Can I do it when I get paid? I've got a date and AJ vouching for them and all but I probably won't be able to shake off the entirety of my paranoia until I've got the money, lol.

    * Note to me: come out of Angel, walk up Liverpool Road (north = towards the Starbucks across the road) up to a pub called the Regent because apparently the street has no name! and then right onto Stonefield St to Lonsdale Square. Okay. This is not difficult! I can do it.
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    medieval poodle?

    Biblia porta, France 13th century

    Lausanne, Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire de Lausanne, U 964, fol. 354r

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    so I was talking to the boything the other day about how I am very definite that I want who only by moving can balance/only by balancing move as soon as I work out who to commission to do the lettering for me, and I'm very certain I want it on my bicep, and he was being a bit baffled about this until I explained that the reason to have it on my arm is wheelchair user. (And also erstwhile pianist/harpsichordist, but hey.)

    Which got him to talking about wheels as symbology. And, whoops, now I apparently want the outline of a circle (medium-thick, dark ink; cannot decide just yet whether black or v dark blue) about the size of a 2p piece, on my spine just below the nape of my neck/shoulders. Because: wheels and movement and the Moon and choices and decision-making and going in circles (every five years or so/I look back on my life/and I have a good laugh) and a reminder to not try carrying the world on my shoulders.

    This is sufficiently straightforward that I might in fact get it for my birthday (in that I don't have to worry about lettering etc). Because it is a thing that Feels Right, and is absolutely a thing about which I'll keep inventing more symbology as I go along.

    Hello lazyweb!

    Jan. 27th, 2015 05:25 pm
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    I have two questions for which I desire input from the collective wisdom of Dreamwidth. Can you help?

    1. When I uploaded all my fanfic back catalog to AO3, lo these many years ago, I only included stuff that was at least a thousand words and a "real" story. Since then I have generated more short bits (some of them on Tumblr, and therefore even more impossible to find.) At this point I would like to get them all compiled together on AO3 with my other stuff. What is your favorite method (As a reader and/or writer) for putting a ton of tiny bits of fic on AO3?

    The options I have seen are:
    1. Post them the same way as any other fic
    2. Post them as individual fics, but in a ficlet collection
    3. Post them as chapters in one work, which you then tag with everything
    4. Post them as chapters of various works separated by fandom/pairing (i.e., an "HP drabble challenges" work, a "les mis injokes" work, a "misc. poetry filk" work, etc.)
    5. Post them as chapters of one work but don't tag everything (so they would be on AO3 to link to, but nobody could find them via tags)

    These all have things I really don't like but I don't know of any method I actually do like. (My kingdom for a "scrapbooks" option on AO3!) What do y'all think of them? Any other ideas?

    2. So when I resolved to read one complete recent fiction magazine or equivalent a month, I thought my library got some and I could just read them through it, but it turns out they stopped getting them early last year.

    Does anyone have recs for currently publishing, pro-paid, online original fiction magazines/equivalent (any genre, really), preferably ones that would not require giving anyone my credit card number in order to read the most recent issue?

    (I know, paying people for their work is important, but I really want to know how badly it's going to suck before I commit. And given my last few attempts at reading pro-published fiction short stories... >_< The most recent issue of Analog my library carries had two stories about how heroic and tragic it was to be an elderly white dude with no friends. And I don't mean the elderly white dude did anything special, getting old while a lonely white dude was apparently sufficiently heroic to require two stories lauding and rewarding them for for being so brave as to be elderly and so annoying their family won't talk to them anymore. I guess that's what Analog's demographic needs, idek.)


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